Applicant Profile Page - Summary Tab

The Summary tab displays applicant details. The tab is divided into two sections: Applicant Summary and Requisition Summary. The Summary tab displays by default when accessing the Applicant Profile page.

If the recruiter is not part of the hiring team and therefore does not have access to the summary information, then "You do not have access to this application" displays. The applicant summary information and Job Details link are hidden for recruiters who are not part of the hiring team. However, the requisition owners are displayed.

Applicant Summary

The Applicant Summary panel displays the following fields:

Mobile Submissions

For applicants who submit partially completed applications from a mobile device, the Application Received field displays "Incomplete." The Invite to Apply option does not display.


The Resume section on the Summary tab displays an internal or external applicant's full resume directly on the tab. You can also download the applicant's resume by clicking the View Resume/CV icon in the Resume/CV field above the Resume section.

If there is no resume for the applicant, then the section will indicate that a resume does not exist for the applicant.

Application Custom Fields

The Application Custom Fields section lists all Application custom fields for which the recruiter meets the availability. The section displays the value for the custom field and enables recruiters to add or edit the value. For recruiters who do not have permission to edit application custom field values, the tab displays but the custom fields are hidden.

The following information displays in the table:

Column Name Description
Title This column displays the title of the custom field.
Value This column displays the custom field's value. Note: The value is defined on the Applicant Profile Snapshot page by users with permission to edit custom field values.

Add/Edit Custom Field Value

To add or change the value of the custom field:

  1. Click the Edit Custom Fields button. This refreshes the fields to edit mode.
  2. Update the values for the applicable custom fields.
  3. Click the Save Custom Fields button. This saves the changes to the Applicant Profile page. The fields return to view mode.

Requisition Summary

The Requisition Summary panel displays the following information:

  • Job Description - The Job Details link allows for quick access to the job description and job qualifications for the requisition. Clicking the link opens the Job Details pop-up. The pop-up displays the requisition's internal and external job description, minimum qualifications, and ideal qualifications. Note: The fields on the pop-up are not editable from the pop-up.
  • Requisition Owner(s) - This field displays the owner of the requisition to which the applicant applied. If there are multiple owners, they appear in the order in which they are listed on the requisition. To view additional information about the owner, place your computer mouse over the owner's name. A small pop-up appears displaying the user's profile image, name, position, telephone number, and clickable email address, if available.
  • Hiring Manager - This field displays the hiring manager for the job requisition. Hover over the hiring manager's name to view a pop-up displaying the user's profile image, name, position, telephone number, and clickable email address, if available.