Create Job Requisition - General

The Create Job Requisition - General step enables recruiters to configure the following information for the requisition:

  • The job title that is displayed to the applicant.
  • Metadata and custom field values.
  • The approval requirements and people who approve the job requisition.
  • The people who review and interview new applicants.

In addition, if enabled by the administrator in Requisition and Applicant Preferences, recruiters can create hierarchical relationships between job requisitions by adding child requisitions. From the Requisition section of the General tab, recruiters can also decide whether or not to allow applicants to apply to the parent requisition. Child requisitions can be created once the requisition is submitted the Applicant Review step.

When creating a job requisition, the job title and requisition template must be selected before the additional fields can be completed. After selecting the position and requisition template for which you are creating the job requisition, the form is populated with the values set in the job requisition template for the position. The information can then be modified as needed.

General Tab Sections

The following sections display on the General tab:


After completing all sections, click Next to validate that all required information is entered on this page and proceed to the next step. Or, click Save to save any changes made to any of the steps. Or, click Cancel to return to the Manage Job Requisitions page without saving the requisition.

Submit Changes

When editing a requisition that has been submitted for approval, a Submit Changes button is available. Click this button to save the changes made on all pages of the requisition and submit the requisition for re-approval.

Submit/Submit and Manage Postings Buttons

Once all mandatory fields are completed you can use the following buttons:

  • Submit - Submits the requisition.
  • Submit and Manage Postings - Submits the requisition and opens the Manage Posting page.