Requisition Template - Create - General Tab

The Create Requisition Template - General step enables the administrator to configure the following:

  • The job title that is displayed to the applicant
  • Metadata and custom field values
  • Applicant status options available for an applicant
  • The approval requirements and people who approve the job requisition
  • The people who review and interview new applicants
  • Auto assignment of pre-employment verifications
  • Auto progression of statuses (located in the Status List section)
  • Auto disposition for statuses (located in the Status List section)

General Tab Sections

The General tab is divided into the following sections:


After completing all sections, click Next to validate that all required information is entered on this page and proceed to the next step. Or, click Save to save any changes made to any of the steps. Or, click Cancel to return to the Requisition Templates page without saving the template.