Applicant Profile Page - Application Tab

The Application tab displays an applicant's responses to the online application, providing for quick access and analysis of each section in the application workflow. The sections that display in the Application tab are dependent upon how the application workflow is configured. For example, if the workflow includes a test, competency assessment, and Upload Attachments action item, then the Application tab displays only those sections and the applicant's responses. The sections display in the order in which they are configured in the application workflow.

See Application Workflow Templates for more information on the application workflow.

Note: Action items are configured in the application workflow and display for applicants in the application process. They are either actions for a user to perform, such as completing training or uploading a resume, or they are instructional information. The Note action item is not displayed on the Application tab.

Application Workflow Sections

All sections of the Application tab are collapsed by default and reflect the title of the section as defined in the application workflow. Sections that are 100% complete display a checkmark to the left of the section title. Generally, all sections in the original application workflow have a checkmark because the sections were required to be completed prior to submitting the application. However, some sections, such as training added after the applicant submits their application, may not be completed at the time you are viewing the Application tab. Sections that are not complete are not expandable and have no data.

When viewing the application workflow sections, the section titles and instructions (if applicable) display in the recruiters preferred language, if configured for the workflow. If the recruiter's language is not available for the workflow, then the section title displays in the language of the user who created the job requisition.

The following are the possible sections that display on the Application tab:

Mobile Submissions

Applicants who submit partially completed applications from a mobile device can be viewed on the Application tab. Each section of the application workflow displays. Any sections of the workflow that are not optimized for mobile devices display but cannot be expanded, as application data is not available for those sections.

Recruiting Agency Submissions

For sections that are submitted by a recruiting agency, a Submitted by Agency icon displays to the left of the section header name. If a section is submitted by both the applicant and the agency, then only the applicant's submission displays on the Application tab. If a section appears as an agency submission but is later completed by the applicant, then the applicant-submitted section replaces the agency-submitted section. Note: The sections that are available to be submitted by an agency are the sections that are configured on the Recruiting Agency tab on the Application Workflow step when configuring a requisition template.See Requisition Template - Create - Application Workflow Tab.

Training/Competency Assessment Submitted After Initial Application

Training or a competency assessment assigned after the applicant submits their initial application appear separated from the original application workflow and display just below the last application workflow section. The date on which the section was assigned to the applicant displays above the section header.