Additional Resources

Got a tough product question? Take it to your peers by asking product related questions in the Ask a Peer Community in the Success Center. Learn More >

Stay up to date with the latest release by visiting the Release and Patch Information Community in the Success Center. Learn More >

Learner Home is a learning hub that facilitates a seamless learning experience for users. Users can browse and filter for training and find subjects of interest. Learner Home also helps ensure compliance by helping you prioritize and take action on required training. Learn More >

Product Academy is a 1- and 2-day "product bootcamp" that provides in-depth training on Cornerstone administration. Get hands-on practice in product configuration and even a tour of the office! Learn More >

Join a Regional User Group! With over 35 active user groups, take the opportunity to collaborate with your peers in a city near you and learn tips and tricks about Cornerstone products from other users. Learn More >