Application Source Values

Application sources are tracked to reflect how an applicant applies for a requisition, either via referral, job board, Career Center, career site, the Candidate Bank, or by being added manually. An application source is automatically applied, based on how the applicant comes into the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Applicant sources cannot be manually created.

The following are the available application source values (Note: The Referral Suite application sources may also be referred to as referral methods.):

  • [Job Board Name]
  • [Career Site Name]
  • Added Manually
  • Broadbean Search
  • Candidate bank
  • Career Center (Note: This is the legacy Career Center.)
  • External Referral-Email
  • External Referral-Facebook
  • External Referral-LinkedIn
  • Internal Career Site
  • LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect
  • Other - Invited to Apply
  • Referral-Email
  • Referral-Facebook
  • Referral-LinkedIn
  • Referral-Search Network
  • Referral-Suggested
  • Referral-Other
  • Talent Pool

The following are the pages on which an application source displays:

  • Manage Candidates
  • Job Details
  • Applicant Profile
  • Candidate Search

Note: The application source also appears in standard and custom reporting.

Information Pop-Up

For portals with Referral Suite enabled, when the curser is placed over an internal application source, the Referrer Information pop-up is displayed.

The pop-up displays the user associated with the referral and includes the referrer's photo, name, position, and phone number, as well as a linked email address. Clicking the email address allows you to compose and send the referrer an email.

The following are the internal application sources:

  • Referral-Email
  • Referral-Facebook
  • Referral-LinkedIn
  • Referral-Suggested
  • Referral-Other

For portals with Agency Portal enabled, when the cursor is placed over the application source, the information pop-up displays the following information:

  • The name of the user that submitted the applicant.
  • The submitter's job title.
  • The submitter's phone number.
  • The submitter's email address. Click the email address to send the submitter an email.

Use Cases

The following use cases identify the source value that displays in the Source field depending on how the applicant initially applies to the requisition:

Action Applicant Pathway Applicant Applied to Requisition A from: Source to Display in ATS
Administrator posts to Career Site N/A Career Site A Career Site A
Administrator posts to Job Board Job Board (, etc.) Career Site A Job Board A
Administrator posts to Career Center Career Center Career Site A Career Center
Candidate added from talent pool N/A N/A Talent Pool
Candidate added via Broadbean Search N/A N/A Broadbean Search
Candidate invited to apply by a recruiter N/A Email Link Other – Invited to Apply
Candidate Profile imported via LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect N/A N/A LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect
Employee emails application link Email Message Career Site A Referral-Email
Employee posts Facebook link Facebook Post Career Site A Referral-Facebook
Employee posts LinkedIn link LinkedIn Post Career Site A Referral-LinkedIn
Employee uploads resume to specific requisition Invitation to Apply email sent from Recruiter Career Site A Referral-Suggested
External emailed application link Email message Career Site A External Referral-Email
External posted Facebook link Facebook Post Career Site A External Referral-Facebook
External posted LinkedIn link LinkedIn Post Career Site A External Referral-LinkedIn
Source changed automatically (by system) or manually (from Applicant Profile page) Referral-Other N/A Referral-Other
Employee added from Candidate Search Candidate Bank N/A Candidate Bank
Employee added manually by recruiter Added Manually N/A Added Manually
Added/moved from another requisition Added Manually N/A Added Manually