Dashboard Reports Overview

Dashboards are used for a variety of data to provide a quick, graphical view of report information for budgetary, investigative, compliance, and other process improvement purposes.

To access Dashboards, go to Reports > Dashboards.

What Is a Dashboard?

The term dashboard refers to a list of small reports which are all displayed on the same page. Dashboard reports are configurable to allow end-users, managers, and administrators to view summary information and are generally smaller in size and include graphs or charts. Users can configure their personal dashboard so that they can quickly view the information that is most important to them.

Dashboards Menu

The Dashboards menu displays a list of dashboards that have been created by or shared with the user. The list provides a quick view of existing reports that can be accessed with one click. Each time a new dashboard is created, the dashboard is added to the menu in alphabetical order. Click the dashboard name to view the dashboard.

Dashboards Options

An Options drop-down displays in the upper-right corner with options to create, edit, copy, share, print, delete, and refresh the dashboard. See Dashboards - View Dashboards.

Dashboards Viewing Pane

Dashboards display in a center viewing pane to the right of the Dashboards menu. The title of the dashboard appears at the top of the viewing pane. Each associated chart for the dashboard displays in the viewing pane with options to edit, print, delete, and refresh the report. See Dashboards - View Dashboards.

Report Widget

Each dashboard displays as a widget box that includes the dashboard chart and report data. See Dashboards - View Dashboards.

Report Widget Options

Each widget includes an Options menu. This menu only appears by hovering over the upper-right corner of the widget box. The options that are available are dependent upon the user's permissions. See Dashboards - View Dashboards.

How Many Dashboards Can I Create?

There is no limit to the number of dashboards you can create. When creating dashboards, you can add up to nine widgets to a dashboard.

Browser Compatibility

  • This feature is compatible with all Cornerstone supported Internet browsers.
  • The drag and drop feature on the Dashboards viewing panel is not compatible with IE7.
  • This feature is not compatible with IE6, which is not a Cornerstone supported browser.
  • This feature does not support IE browsers running in Compatibility mode.

Data Loading

Users will experience a slight delay in processing while the data for a dashboard loads.

Additional Dashboards Online Help Topics

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  • View Dashboards - This topic explains the dashboard viewing pane, as well as the Options drop-down on the dashboard and the options available within an individual widget.
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Recommended Reports

A complete list of recommended reports for managers, learning, performance, and succession is available in the OnDemand Support folder:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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