Recommended Standard Reports - Succession

Report Name Why We Recommend It
Resume Section Details
  • The Resume Section Details Report allows the administrator to report on specific sections of the resume for a group of users at one time and export the results in an Excel format.
  • Because it omits those users who have not populated the section, the report reduces the list of respondents to a more useful set of data.
SMP Metric Grid
  • The SMP Metric Grid is one of the more graphical reports allowing the administrator to view the grid placement for any population of users within a SMP task or their most recent placement.
  • The grid can be calibrated - users can be moved around during succession calibration and this movement will both update the individual task and reflect in MyTeam.
Success Metrics Rating
  • The Succession Metrics Ratings Report displays the most recent metric ratings for a specified group of users.
  • This can be used to view metric ratings across tasks and gives a quick look at how users are evaluated on a specific metric.
Successor Details by Incumbent
  • The Successor Details by Incumbent Report displays metric information about Successors for each incumbent.
  • Administrators can see any custom metric on which Successors were rated and get OU information about the Successor so administrators and managers can make more informed decisions.
  • This is one of two client-sponsored Successor reports.
Successor Details by Successor
  • The Successor Details by Successor Report allows administrators to see for whose succession a particular user has been listed as a successor.
  • It allows administrators and managers to see who is in high demand across the organization and get an idea how individual managers and assessors may have evaluated that particular successor.
  • This is one of two client-sponsored Successor reports.
SMP PowerPoint Template
  • The SMP PowerPoint Template Report allows the client to develop custom templates for Metric Grids, User Profile, and Successors and will populate data directly from SMP tasks.
  • Administrators control the layout and can utilize any field included in a SMP Task.
  • This report bridges the gap from system data to succession presentation.
  • Is one of the most flexible reports offered for Succession.