Recommended Standard Reports - Performance

Report Name Why We Recommend It
Task User Status
  • The Task User Status Report provides the administrator a higher level view of all tasks associated with users in the specified organizational unit.
  • A pie chart also provides the overall percentage of each status combining all tasks, which allows the administrator to analyze the overall employee participation in the selected tasks for the organization.
Employee Competency Current Ratings
  • The Employee Competency Current Ratings Report gives the ability to select a user or group of users and view the most current ratings for the employees for competencies rated on their profile or within an assessment.
  • When developing your employees, this report provides a good forum to compare employees with one another.
Individual Competency Ratings Analysis
  • The Individual competency Ratings Analysis Report can be used by a manager or administrator to view how their employees' skills compare to others, as well as after an assessment for an employee to see where they stand as compared to the target rating.
  • It allows them to see the breakdown of how they were rated by peers, managers, and subordinates, as well as the overall average rating.
Development Plan Group Details
  • The Development Plan Group Details Report can take a select group of users and display the details of the employees' development plans.
  • This can be useful when comparing progress of development plans specifically during succession planning.

Note: Development Plans Standard Reports are not supported if your organization is using the redesigned development plan functionality.

Performance Review Distribution
  • The Performance Review Distribution Report can be essential for upper management or administrators in ensuring scores within a given review task are distributed to an organization's liking.
  • It displays a graphical representation of the distribution and allows users to calibrate overall review scores from within the report.
Performance Review Rating
  • The Performance Review Rating Report allows users to compare different users' ratings for one or all scored sections in a performance review.
  • By including manager information, it can also enable the administrator to compare ratings given by different managers in order to maintain consistent standards in the organization.
Performance Review Step Status Report
  • The Performance Review Step Status Report provides the details an administrator will need to monitor employee progress of an ongoing performance review.
  • An administrator can select one section or all, and the report will provide each user and the status of the selected steps, as well as the overall review status. Using this information, an administrator can follow up with those who may be behind on the review task.
Goal Status
  • The Goal Status Report allows administrators to choose a subset of users, a specific perspective, as well as the desired date criteria to pull in the goal status information for the users, goals, and timeframe the company wants.
  • If users have goals, the administrator will need to ensure that the users are keeping up-to-date on the progress of these goals.
  • This enables an administrator to monitor and follow up with managers to ensure their employees are keeping current on their goals.
  • By displaying the percentages of users in each status graphically, the report is also valuable in assessing the overall goal progress for the set of users selected.
Goals Targets
  • The Goal Targets Report allows an administrator to select a set of users and view all of their goal targets and progress against each other user.
  • This creates a more efficient way to monitor larger groups of people and can be valuable in assessing the likelihood of reaching overall company targets prior to the target date.
Goal Progress
  • The Goal Progress Reports allows the administrator to look at an individual, or set of users' goal progress in either a summarized or detailed view.
  • It can provide the manager of a large group the ability to pull in a percentage summary of their employees overall progress on their goals in a given date criteria.
  • This helps summarize data in one location, streamline the analysis, and allow an administrator to quickly identify employees that are behind on their goals.