Reporting 2.0 Widgets

The Reporting 2.0 tab in Dashboards shows all charts that you have created in Reporting 2.0 and published as dashboards. Charts are published by toggling on the Publish to Dashboards option in the Report Properties.

To access Dashboards, go to Reports > Dashboards.

Add Reporting 2.0 Widget to Dashboard

You can add a Reporting 2.0 widget to any dashboard. To add a widget:

  1. Click Edit from the Options drop-down for the dashboard.
  2. Click Add Widget. This opens the New Widget page.
  3. Select the Reporting 2.0 tab.
  4. Select a widget from the Reporting 2.0 tab.
  5. Click Next. This adds the widget to the dashboard.
  6. Click Save. This saves the changes and refreshes the data in the widget.

Create New Reporting 2.0 Widget

New Reporting 2.0 widgets are created in Reporting 2.0 by adding a chart to a report and publishing the chart as a dashboard. See the following for information about creating reports and charts and publishing the chart to Dashboards:

  1. See Reporting 2.0 - Create Report.
  2. See Reporting 2.0 - Charting.
  3. See Reporting 2.0 - Publish to Dashboards.