Application Workflow - Add Assessment

The Add Assessment action item enables administrators to add a competency assessment or an external assessment to the section.

Note: The External Assessment option is only available if enabled by backend settings.

Add Competency Assessment

Click Add Assessment from the Add Action Item option on the application workflow page. This opens the Select Competency Assessment pop-up. Select the appropriate competency assessment task. You can search for competency assessment tasks by title and language.

If the external assessment feature is enabled, then the Select Assessment Type pop-up opens. From here, select the Competency Assessment link, which opens the Select Competency Assessment pop-up.

Selecting the assessment from the pop-up closes the pop-up and adds the assessment to the section.

Edit Action Item

Click the Edit icon for the action item to define instructions for the competency assessment action item. In the Instructions field, HTML is accepted and there is no character limit.

Add External Assessment

To add an external assessment:

  1. Click Add Assessment from the Add Action Item option on the application workflow page. This opens the Select Assessment Type pop-up.

  1. Click the External Assessment link. This opens the Select External Assessment pop-up. Note: If the competency assessment feature is not enabled, then the Select External Assessment pop-up opens when clicking the Add Assessment icon.

  1. Select an assessment. All assessments that are available display in the pop-up. The Title column displays the name of the assessment. The ID column displays the solutionID number of the assessment, which is defined by the third party assessment provider. If an assessment does not have an ID, then the column is blank. Both columns are sortable. Note: The assessments are created and maintained by a third party. If the assessment provider mandates that only one solutionID can be used per requisition, then see Third Party Single SolutionID below for information about the different options in the Select External Assessment pop-up.
  2. Once selected, the pop-up closes, and the assessment is added to the section.

Screening Option - External Assessments

The Screening Option icon displays in the set of options to the right of each external assessment. When the option is inactive for an assessment, the icon is green . When the option is activated for an assessment, the icon is red . Clicking the icon opens the Screening Options pop-up. Select No in the pop-up to disable the screening feature, which also hides the Screening Threshold option.

Select Yes in the pop-up to enable the screening feature. Enter a screening threshold percentage in the Screen out threshold field, between 0 and 100. This field is required when Yes is selected. Applicants who score below the percentage are automatically moved to a Closed status with a disposition of Failed Pre-Screening. The applicant's profile is updated with the failed external assessment event on the History tab.

Click Save to save the settings. Or, click Cancel to cancel the settings without saving.


  • If the screening option is enabled, and a connection cannot be established with the third party assessment vendor but the applicant fails the assessment, then the screening option setting is ignored and the applicant continues through the application process.
  • If a score is not returned from the third party assessment vendor, then the screening option does not apply for the application workflow.
  • Once the application is submitted without having received a response from the third party assessment vendor, a failed assessment response received from the vendor at a later time does not impact the submitted application.
  • The Conditionally Administer option is respected for external assessments. If No is selected in the Conditionally Administer option for a workflow step that has at least one pre-screening questions step before the external assessment step, then the applicant does not reach the assessment step if they fail the pre-screening step.

Edit External Assessment Action Item

The External Assessment action item can be edited by clicking the Edit icon. This opens the Edit External Assessment pop-up.

The following information displays in the pop-up:

  • Title - By default, this field displays "External Assessment" as the title. The title can be changed. Enter a maximum of 50 characters. The title displays for applicants in the application workflow.
  • Assessment - This field displays the assessment as a link and enables the administrator to change the assessment selection. Click the link to open the Select External Assessment pop-up. Selecting a different assessment closes the pop-up and replaces the existing assessment.
  • Instructions - Enter the instructions that will display to applicants when taking the assessment. There is no character limit.
  • Conditionally Administer - See the "Application Workflow with Pre-Screening and External Assessment - Conditionally Administer" section above for additional information.
  • Completion Optional - Administrators can define an external assessment as optional when configuring the application workflow. The Completion Optional option displays at the bottom of the Add External Assessment pop-up and allows administrators to define the assessment as either optional or required.
  • The Completion Optional field is unchecked by default. Check the box to make the assessment optional. Leave the box unchecked to require applicants to complete the assessment in order for the application to be considered complete. Best Practice: When making the assessment optional, it is a best practice to indicate in the Instructions field that the assessment is optional. The instructions display for the applicant and can help them determine whether or not they need to take the assessment in order to complete the application.


    • Screening Options - If the assessment is optional but the screening option is enabled for the assessment, the assessment can still be used to screen out applicants who choose to complete the assessment. Applicants who score below the screening threshold percentage are automatically moved to a Closed status and are therefore no longer in consideration for the position.
    • Assessment Limits per Requisition - If the third party assessment vendor requires that only one solutionID can be used per job requisition, then the selection in the Completion Optional field will be the same for all assessments associated with that solutionID. For example, if an administrator makes the Sales Assessment (solutionID 12345, sitting number 1) optional, then all other assessments with solutionID 12345 are also optional because the Completion Optional field selection carries over to all assessments that have the same solutionID.

After editing the fields, click Save. Or, click Cancel to cancel the changes.

Note: The assessment itself cannot be edited. The assessments are created and maintained by the third party assessment provider.

Delete External Assessment Action Item

To delete an External Assessment action item, click the Delete icon. This opens a confirmation pop-up. Click Yes to delete the action item from the section. Click No to cancel the removal action. Note: If the third party deletes the assessment from their system, the assessment must be removed manually from the application workflow. If it is not removed, then the action item remains in the workflow, but the assessment will not be accessible by the applicant. The assessment page will display "The assessment is no longer available. You may continue with the application."