Create Mobile-Friendly Application Workflow

Mobile-friendly application workflow templates can be created on the Create Template page in Application Workflow Templates. Mobile-friendly application workflows have fewer action items available to configure. However, the application is fully mobile, and applicants can complete and submit the application from their mobile-device or a PC.

With mobile-friendly application workflows, the entire application can be configured to a single page, rather than a series of steps. Single-page applications speed up the application process and improve the candidate experience. Given the number high number of applicant who are only using a mobile device to search for and apply to jobs, mobile-friendly applications can also increase the conversion rate and help you reach the widest audience possible.

For information about creating mobile-friendly candidate experience career sites, see the Create Mobile-Friendly Career Site topic in Online Help.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about mobile-friendly candidate experience.

To access Application Workflow Templates, go to Admin > Tools > Recruit > Application Workflow Templates.

Application Type

The Application Type option enables you to create either a mobile-friendly template or a standard template. The Mobile-Friendly option is selected by default.

  • Mobile-Friendly - Mobile-friendly templates can be created as a single page or multiple pages. The following action items can be added to mobile-friendly workflows:
    • Notes
    • Compliance Questions
    • Prescreening Questions
    • Upload Attachments
    • Disclaimer
    • Custom Integrations
  • Standard - Standard templates will have the existing application workflow template functionality. All action item types can be added to standard templates. The application will appear as a series of steps, and the mobile-friendly features will be limited.

Add Page

This feature is only available for mobile-friendly workflows. Clicking Add Page creates a new page in the application. You can add action items to the new page, but the Compliance Questions and Upload Attachments action items can only appear on one of the pages.

When adding pages, the applicant experience will be that the application appears on multiple pages instead of a single page.

Add Action Item

The following actions items can be added to mobile-friendly workflows:

Confirmation Page

A confirmation page will always display for mobile-friendly workflows. The page does not need to be added or configured. HTML is accepted.

Custom Thank You Page - Tags and Tracking Pixels

Tracking pixels can be added to custom Thank You pages to capture data such as device used, ad clicks, and previous pages visited. This data can be matched to hired employees by adding the USER.GUID and JOB.REQUISITION.ID tags to the tracking pixel. This helps you to use the data gathered from the tracking pixel to connect hired candidates to the data that is tracked.

Add Tags to Custom Thank You Page

To add tags to a custom Thank You page, start by deselecting the Use the default Thank You page option on the Edit Action Item pop-up. This lets you begin creating a custom Thank You page.

The USER.GUID and JOB.REQUISITION.ID tags can be added from the HTML or standard view of the Instructions and/or Text sections when editing the Thank You step of the application workflow. The tags may be added directly to the HTML of the tracking pixel.

For example, the following is sample HTML for a tracking pixel, showing where the tags would be placed in the HTML (the yellow highlighting is only for emphasis):

<img width="1" height="1" style="display: none;" src="https://customurlbasedontrackingpixelUSER.GUIDadditionaldetailsonURLandJOB.REQUISITION.ID=additionalURLdetails">

When candidates view the Thank You page, the tracking pixel is not visible.

Preview Application Workflow

Click the Preview link at the bottom of the page to preview the workflow prior to saving it so that you can reconfigure as necessary to achieve the right set-up for your action items.

Duplicate Applicant Management

Merging duplicate applicants is supported on mobile-friendly application workflows.