Frequently Asked Questions for Mobile-Friendly Candidate Experience

Note for New Client Portals Created After May '19 Release: New Recruiting clients whose portals were created after the May '19 release will only be able to create Mobile Friendly Application Workflows and Career Sites. Such clients will not need to enable Mobile-Friendly Candidate Experience. The Standard career site experience for such clients was deprecated as part of the May '19 release.

The following frequently asked questions (FAQs) can help provide answers to the questions you may have about the mobile-friendly configurations and what the candidate experience will be like for career sites and application workflows.

Click here to download the Mobile-Friendly Candidate Experience (Early Adopter) starter guide.

Deprecation of Standard Experience

General and Enablement

Posting Speed

Making Existing Career Sites Mobile-Friendly

Job Search Bar

Job Alerts

Application Workflows

Apply As Guest

Saving Application Progress

Resume Parsing