Application Workflow - Add Integration

The Add Integration action item can be included in any section, including the Submit Application section.

Note - Mobile-Friendly Candidate Experience Application Workflows: Adding custom integrations to mobile-friendly application workflows does not guarantee that each integration will be responsive on the application workflow. For an integration to be responsive, it is necessary that the technology for that specific integration is also responsive.

To create an application workflow template, go to Admin > Tools > Recruit > Application Workflow Templates. Then click Create Template.

Add Integration

To add the action item:

  1. Click Add Integration from the Add Action Item option on the Application Workflow page. This opens the Edit Action Item pop-up.
  2.  Complete the following fields in the pop-up:
    • Title - This is a required field. Enter a title, up to 50 characters.
    • Instructions - Enter instructions for the action item. This field is optional. This field accepts HTML, and there is no character limit.
    • Integration - Select the integration from the drop-down. The drop-down displays integrations that are defined as active and available to select for application workflows.
    • Conditionally Administer - When this option is selected, the assessment step does not appear in the application workflow. Instead, the assessment is only available to the applicant if they do not fail the pre-screening step. In such cases, the assessment is automatically assigned to them and can be accessed from the My Profile > Pending Tasks section page on the career site. This will trigger the Assign Integration Assessment email to be sent to the recipients that are configured for the email, provided that the email is active in Email Administration.
    • However, if the applicant fails the pre-screening step, the assessment will not be assigned to them at all.

      Also, when the Conditionally Administer option is selected, the Completion Required option is disabled and no longer selectable.

    • Completion Required - Select this option to require applicants to complete the integration step before moving to the next step in the application workflow. Completion occurs when the integration step has received a response from the third party integration partner.
    • If this option is not selected, then the applicant can skip the assessment when completing their application. Once their application is submitted, the assessment is automatically assigned to them and can be accessed on their My Profile page on the career site.

Use Cases