Offer Management Overview (Legacy offer letter)

For portals with the Offer Letter ManagementClosed Offer Letter Management enables administrators and managers with the appropriate permissions to send job offers to candidates. Offers can be developed from templates or created manually. Offer approvals are routed and tracked, and multiple versions of offer letters can be stored and tracked. Through integration with the My Profile functionality, candidates can sign their offer letter with an electronic signature. functionality enabled, the Offer Letter status section includes additional options for configuring, submitting, and tracking the offer process. The following options are available:

  • Create new offer letter
  • Edit existing offer letter
  • View/print offer
  • View approval workflow
  • Submit offer for approval
  • View approval status
  • Submit offer to internal or external candidate
  • View candidate offer details
  • Record candidate response
  • Upload/view final offer

Offer letters are created on the Applicant Profile page. To access offer letters, click the applicant's name from any of the pages below. Then, click the Statuses tab and go to the applicant's offer letter status type panel.

Manage Applicants Deprecation: Cornerstone is deprecating Manage Applicants in Q1 2024.

The image below shows the Offer Letter status prior to the first offer letter version being created. This is how the Offer Letter status appears when a user first views the status section if there are no existing offer letter versions.

More information about creating the first version of an offer letter can be found on the Create Offer Letter topic. See Applicant Profile > Statuses Tab > Create Offer Letter.

More information about creating modular offer letters can be found on the create modular offer letter topic. See Modular Offer Letters - Create Offer Letter.

The image below shows the Offer Letter status after at least one offer letter version has been created. When at least one version is created, the Offer Details panel is collapsed by default, and the Offer Management table displays. See Offer Letter Workflow Overview.



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