Create Learning Assignment - Overview

Administrators can create new learning assignments via the Learning Assignment Tool's create workflow to assign training to individuals or groups of users at one time.

To begin creating a new learning assignment, go to Admin > Tools > Learning and click the Assignment Tool link. From the Manage Learning Assignments page, click the Create Assignment button.

Navigation Panel

On the left-hand side of the page, all the steps in the learning assignment creation process display in a navigation panel, with the current step in the process indicated with a vertical line. As each step is completed, a checkmark appears next to the step. You can click any completed step in the panel to return to that step and make changes. The process for creating a learning assignment is comprised of five steps:


Along the bottom of each page in the process, there is a footer which provides access to different actions, depending on from which step of the learning assignment process you access the footer.

  • Cancel - Click this button to exit the create workflow and return to the Manage Learning Assignments page. No progress will be saved.
  • Save Draft - Click this button to save specific data you have configured for the learning assignment and return to the Manage Learning Assignments page. Your draft assignment can then be accessed and completed later.
  • Previous - This button only appears after you have progressed past the Setup page. Clicking this button returns you to the previous page of the workflow.
  • Next - Click this button to progress to the next page of the process.
  • Submit - This button only appears on the Confirm step. Clicking this button triggers a pop-up window which allows you to confirm and submit your learning assignment.

Use Cases