Internal Career Site - Search Jobs

Employees can use the Internal Career Site to search for job opportunities within their organization. Users can select filer criteria and display opportunities based on keywords, posted date, and location. Search results are displayed in an easy-to-read table that provides the number of search results, the job title, location, and posted date.

To access the Internal Career Site page, go to Home > Internal Career Site.

Search Bar

Enter a keyword in the search field. Predictive recommendations appear under the search bar based on what you enter.

In the Location section of the search bar, select a specific location to search for positions.

Click the Search button to initiate the job search.

Select location filters to narrow your search. Additional filters, such as Employment Type and Job Function, may display based on the options configured by the administrator.

My Profile

Click the My Profile link to manage applications submitted on the Internal Career Site. See Internal Career Site - Manage Applications.

Sort By

Set the display order of the search results using the following options:

  • Posted Date - Sorts by the date on which the job was posted. If selected, the listing with the most recent posted date displays at the top of the list.
  • Relevance - Sorts by how well the job description, keywords, and requisition ID match the search text. If selected, the listing that most closely matches the search text displays at the top of the list.
  • Distance - Sorts by how close the position is located to the location provided by the user. This option will only appears if the user searches for a location smaller than a state.

Job Listings Table

The job listings table displays search results based on your search criteria and contains the following information:

  • Job Title - Displays the title of the job.
  • Location - Displays the geographic location of the job.
  • Posted Date - Displays the date on which the job was posted.

Apply for a Job

Click any item in the list to view the job details and apply. See Internal Career Site - Submit an Application.