Create Standard Career Site

Note for New Client Portals Created After May '19 Release: New Recruiting clients whose portals were created after the May '19 release will only be able to create Mobile Friendly Application Workflows and Career Sites. The Standard career site experience for such clients was deprecated as part of the May '19 release.

Standard career sites enable you to create a general career site that you can post jobs to but that has more limited mobile capabilities. Applicants will not be able to complete some parts of the application using a mobile device.

On the Career Site Settings page for standard career sites, you can configure settings such as the header image, header color, LinkedIn application settings, and Facebook connection settings. You can preview the career site and launch the career site editor from this page, as well.

To create a career site, go to Admin > Tools > Recruit > Career Sites. Then click the Add Career Site link.

Career Site Language Settings

This section only displays for portals with multiple languages enabled.

This section allows administrators to select the languages in which applicants can view the career site. In the Career Site Language(s) field, you can check the Select All option to select all available languages, or check the individual boxes for the languages you would like to include. The languages that are available to select are the languages enabled for the portal.

When applicants view the career site, they can select the language from the language drop-down. The career site will then update to display in the selected language.

Note: The default language cannot be deselected from the Career Site Language(s) field.

Language Considerations

Career Site General Settings

This section displays for all portals. The following options are available In the Career Site General Settings section:

Edit Layout

The Edit Layout section displays a preview of the career site layout.

To edit the career site layout, click the Edit Layout heading link in the upper-left corner of the Edit Layout section. This opens the custom page builder in a pop-up window. When this link is clicked, the career site settings are saved. See Custom Page Builder. See Search Jobs Widget.

Multi-Select Fields - Default Settings

From the Edit Layout section, administrators can view and configure the default values for drop-down fields that are defined as multi-select fields. Fields are defined as multi-select when configuring the Search Jobs widget.

To view and modify the default settings, open the drop-down for the field. The values that are currently defined as default are checked. Check additional values or uncheck existing values to modify the default settings. Click anywhere outside the drop-down to close the drop-down.


To view a full screen preview of the career site, click the Full Screen Preview icon in the upper-right corner of the Edit Layout section. This opens a new browser window and displays a full screen preview of the career site, including the header and application settings. If fields are defined as multi-select when configuring the Search Jobs widget, then the drop-down field configurations can be viewed when previewing the career site.

For portals with multiple languages enabled, the career site preview displays in the language selected in the Language field.


Click Save at the bottom of the page to save the career site settings and return to the Career Site Management page.

Connect With Us

For information about how to add the Connect With Us link to a career site, see the Add Connect With Us Link to a Career Site topic in Online Help.

Career Site Password for Applicants

The password rules that are configured in Password Preferences at the top level Division Organizational Unit (OU) are respected and displayed to applicants when they create an account on the career site. This ensures that applicants meet the minimum password requirements that are defined for users in your organization.