Add Connect With Us Link to a Standard Career Site

In order for the Connect With Us form to be available on a Standard career site for applicants, a "Connect With Us" link to the form must be added as an HTML widget from the Career Site Settings page.

Mobile-Friendly Career Sites Note: To add a Connect With Us link to a mobile-friendly career site, use the Connect With Us URL option when configuring the mobile-friendly career site. See Manage Mobile-Friendly Career Site.

To access the Connect With Us page, go to Admin > Tools > Recruit > Career Site. Then, click the Edit Connect With Us option in the Options column.

To add the Connect With Us link:

  1. Open the career site settings page. For existing career sites, the settings page is accessed by clicking the Edit icon on the Career Site Management page. If you are creating a new career site, the settings page is accessed by clicking the Add Career Site link on the Career Site Management page.
  2. Click the Edit Layout icon toward the bottom of the Career Site Settings page.

  1. Clicking the Edit Layout icon opens a pop-up window from which you can add the HTML widget. Note: For more information about the HTML widget, see the HTML Widget topic in Online Help.

  1. Drag and drop the HTML widget into the widgets section. This opens the Widget Settings pop-up that includes the Connect With Us link.

  1. Click the Insert Connect With Us Link in the pop-up. This adds the link to the widget. It is not necessary to add any other text to the widget.

  1. Click Save in the pop-up. This closes the pop-up, and the link displays in the widgets section.

Once you save the career site settings, the link will be visible to applicants on the career site.