Recruiting Manager Dashboard Page

The Recruiting Manager Dashboard provides recruiting managers with a homepage that displays a snapshot of their recruiting information. The dashboard displays widgets that provide recruiting managers with quick access to the following data:

  • Average Time to Hire
  • Recent Referrals
  • Recruiter Snapshot
  • Requisitions Pending Approval
  • Requisition Status

From this page, recruiters can also create new requisitions and access the Recruiter Approvals, Requisition Snapshot, Search Candidates, and Recruiter Dashboard pages.

The Recruiting Manager Dashboard page must be enabled by the administrator in Navigation Tabs and Links in order to be available. In addition, the page only displays if the recruiter has permission to access at least one of the widgets that appears on the dashboard.

To access the Recruiting Manager Dashboard, click the Recruiting Manager Dashboard link from the navigation tab defined by the administrator.


The following options are available in the Options drop-down in the upper-right corner of the page:

  • Add Requisition - Select this option to create a new job requisition. Clicking the link opens the General tab of the Create Requisition page. This option is only available for recruiters with permission to manage requisitions.
  • Search Candidates - Select this option to open the Search Candidates page. This option is only available for recruiters with permission to search candidates.
  • View Recruiter Dashboard - Select this option to open the Recruiter Dashboard. This option is only available for job requisition owners.

Note: The Options drop-down only displays if the recruiter has at least one of the permissions needed to access one of the options.

Dashboard Widgets

The Recruiting Manager Dashboard is made up of widgets that contain information about the recruiter's job requisitions, applicant data, and other Applicant Tracking System functionality. The widgets that display are dependent upon the recruiter's permissions.

The dashboard widgets also allow recruiters to access the system page associated with the widget. This provides recruiters with quick access to complete information about the data on the dashboard.

The following widgets may be available on the dashboard: