Recruiter Snapshot Widget

The Recruiter Snapshot widget only displays for recruiters with permission to manage requisitions. In addition, the recruiter must have at least one direct report.

The Recruiter Snapshot widget lists each of the recruiter's direct reports who are defined as requisition owners for at least one requisition. The number of requisitions for each recruiter displays, as well as total number of new submissions for each recruiter's requisitions.

To access the Recruiter Dashboard, go to Recruit > Recruiting Manager Dashboard.

The recruiters display in the widget in alphabetical order by last name. Each recruiter appears in an individual linked recruiter card. Clicking the recruiter's name or image opens the All Jobs tab on the Manage Requisitions page with the selected recruiter as the filter. The name of the selected recruiter is pre-populated in the Owner search filter, and the Manage Requisitions table is pre-filtered to display only the requisitions for which the selected recruiter is an owner.

The following information displays in each recruiter card:

  • Photo - The recruiter's photo displays, if available.
  • Name - The recruiter's name displays.
  • Open - This displays the number of open requisitions for which the recruiter is an owner.
  • New - This displays the total number of new submissions for the requisitions for which the recruiter is an owner.