Recent Referrals Widget

The Recent Referrals widget only displays for recruiters with permission to manage requisitions. The widget lists the requisitions with referrals for which the recruiter's direct reports are defined as owners. The requisitions that displays are the requisitions that are available to the recruiter based on permission constraints.

Up to five requisitions display in the widget, but the recruiter has the option to view all of their requisitions that have referrals if there are more than four requisitions with referrals. The requisitions display in order of submitted date, from most to least recently submitted.

If the recruiter has no requisitions with referrals, then "No data available for this widget" displays.

To access the Recruiter Dashboard, go to Recruit > Recruiting Manager Dashboard.

The following information displays in the widget for each requisition with referrals:

  • Requisition - This column displays the linked title of the requisition. Clicking the link opens the Edit Requisition page for the requisition.
  • Referrals - This column displays the linked number of referrals for each requisition. Clicking the the number in the column opens a filtered view of Manage Candidates, showing the users who are in a referral status for that requisition.
  • Results - This field displays the total number of requisitions with recent referrals for the recruiter's direct reports. The results only display if there are five or more requisitions with referrals.
  • View All - This option only displays if the recruiter has five or more requisitions that have referrals. Clicking the link opens the My Jobs tab of the Manage Job Requisitions page, from which the recruiter can view all of their requisitions that have referrals.