Average Time to Hire Widget

The Average Time to Hire widget only displays for recruiters with permission to manage requisitions. The widget displays the average number of days to hire an applicant for the requisitions for which the recruiter's direct reports are defined as owners.

To access the Recruiter Dashboard, go to Recruit > Recruiting Manager Dashboard.

The following information displays in the widget:

  • Select Recruiter Drop-Down - The drop-down lists the recruiter's direct reports who are defined as requisition owners. Select an individual recruiter's name from the drop-down or select the All Recruiter option. The widget updates to display the data for the selected recruiter or for all recruiters.
  • Average Days to Hire - The average days to hire displays below the drop-down. The number is calculated using the date on which applicants applied to the requisition and the applicant's hire date. The data is refreshed daily.