Search Candidates - Overview

The Search Candidates functionality enables you to search for talent across internal and external users. Through the use of Talent Search functionality, you can specify with great detail the types of candidates from which to search. After completing a search, you can also specify the candidate source to narrow your search results.

Search Candidates searches for competencies and/or attributes in a user's resume using a key word search. You can also conduct a Job Profile or Model Employee search, as well as a custom search. Additional search options are available that allow you to search by contact information and other applicant fields.

Note: When utilizing competency ratings in Career Profile or Talent Search, competency ratings from competency assessment tasks and Competency Assessment performance review sections are available because they both use the rating scale from the competency model. However, competency ratings from Competency Rating performance review sections are not available because they use the performance review section rating scale. See Talent Search.

Note: External users that are not included in the Candidate Bank (based on their application disposition) do not appear in Candidate Search results.

Note: If a recruiting agency is configured to hide the applicants it owns, then the applicants are not available in Search Candidates for the timeframe specified for the agency that owns the applicants.

From the Search Candidates page, you can:

  • Search for candidates by key word, referencing a user's resume, either from Career Center or an external applicant's application
  • View more search options to configure advanced search options
  • Save search criteria
  • Refine search results using filters
  • Add candidates to requisitions
  • Add candidates to talent pools
  • Compare candidates
  • Send emails to candidates
  • View a candidate's resume and social profile

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