Hiring Dashboard Page - Overview

The Hiring Dashboard provides hiring team members visibility into their requisitions, applicants, and other tasks all from a single page. The dashboard is organized by widgets that allow hiring managers, recruiters, and requisition approvers to drill into specific details of their own requisitions and applicants. This simplifies their processes for finding requisition and applicant data, reduces clicks, and avoids the need to learn or remember how to navigate through the system to find information or perform actions.

To access the Hiring Dashboard, go to Recruit > Hiring Dashboard.

Make the Hiring Dashboard Visible in Your Portal

The Hiring Dashboard must be added to Navigation Tabs and Links in order to be available for users to find in your portal. For more information about how to add a system page to a navigation tab, see the Navigation Tabs and Links - Add Page topic in Online Help.

Features and Options Overview

The following is an overview of the features and options that are available on the Hiring Dashboard. These features and options are available as standard functionality for the Hiring Dashboard and do not require any configuration on your part.