Hiring Dashboard - Approvals Widget

The Approvals widget displays all job requisitions, requisition requests, and offer letters that are pending your approval. This widget mirrors the functionality available in the Universal Profile > Actions > Requests Tab.

Users with permission to approve requisitions (listed as a Requisition Approver in a requisition’s hiring team) can approve/deny job requisitions. Users identified in Admin > Recruit > Requisition Requests as requisition request approvers can approve/deny requisition requests. Actions can be taken directly from the dashboard to process pending items.

To access the Hiring Dashboard, go to Recruit > Hiring Dashboard.

Approvals Heading

The Approvals Heading is only visible to users with permission to view request items.

The Approvals heading displays as a link. Clicking Approvals opens your Universal Profile page. Note: When viewing another user's dashboard, the Approvals heading is not clickable.

The number to the right of the Approvals heading displays the number of pending approval actions.


The following options can be selected in the filter drop-down to filter the list of pending items:

  • Show All - This option is selected by default. When selected, all pending items display.
  • Offer Letter - Select this option to filter the page to show only pending offer letter approvals.
  • Requisition Approval - Select this option to show only job requisition approvals in the list.
  • Requisition Request - Select this option to show only requisition request approvals in the list.

Approve Requisitions, Requisition Requests, and Offer Letters

The following approval types are available from the Approvals widget: