Hiring Dashboard - Manage Sections

The Manage Sections option allows you to rearrange the position of each section on the Hiring Dashboard and hide certain sections from view. The option appears as an icon in the upper-right corner of the dashboard.

To access the Hiring Dashboard, go to Recruit > Hiring Dashboard.

Manage Sections

You can change the position and visibility of the sections by clicking the Manage Sections icon . This opens the Manage Sections options on the left side of your dashboard. The changes you make to the order/visibility only apply to your dashboard.

The following information and options are available in Manage Sections:

  • Visible Column - This column allows you to manage the visibility of the sections on your dashboard. Check the box to make the section visible. Uncheck the box to hide the section. Note: The Approvals section cannot be hidden.
  • Section Name Column - This column displays the name of the section. The Approvals and Interviews sections can only be moved together as a single section. They cannot be moved individually.
  • Drag and Drop Sections - Click anywhere in the section to drag and drop the section to a different position on the page. Note: The up/down arrows do not have any functionality.

Once the changes are made, click Save to save the settings. Or, click Cancel to cancel the changes.

View Another Person's Dashboard

When viewing another person's dashboard, all sections display by default. Even if the user has hidden a section, you will still see all sections. You cannot hide or reorder the sections on another user's dashboard.