Pre-Screening Question Bank - Overview

During the application process, recruiters are able to use pre-screening questions to eliminate unqualified submissions from the candidate pool without being reviewed by a recruiter. If a candidate answers one or more of the pre-screening questions incorrectly, their applicant status is automatically changed to Closed with a disposition of Failed Pre-Screening, which eliminates them from the New Submission and Manage Applicants page. The applicant is still visible on the View Requisition Details page. Depending on the settings for the Failed Pre-Screening status, the candidate may be eliminated from the Candidate Bank.

The Pre-Screening Question Bank page is organized into two tabs:

  • Questions - From the Questions tab, you can create, view, and manage pre-screening questions.
  • Categories - From the Categories tab, you can create, view, and manage question categories. Previously, categories were managed via the Question Categories pop-up.

To manage pre-screening questions, go to Admin > Tools > Recruit > Pre-Screening Question Bank.

Feature Description

Create New Category

To create a new pre-screening question category, click the Create New Category link. This opens the Question Categories pop-up. See Create Pre-Screening Question Category for additional information.