Pre-Screening Question Bank - Create Question - Question Properties

When creating a pre-screening question, the second step is to configure the question properties. This allows you to define the text of the question and configure the response options.

To create a question, click Create Question on the Questions tab of the Pre-Screening Question Bank page.

The following configuration options are available for questions:


This is a required field. Enter the question, up to 4000 characters.

The question should be descriptive and include all of the details necessary for the responder to understand what is expected. If an image or video is included, you should explain what the responder should be looking for or analyzing in the image or video.

You can click and drag the text box to resize the box. If multiple languages are enabled for your portal, select the Translate icon to translate the field into other available languages.


This field enables administrators to attach an image to the question.

To attach a file, drag and drop the file to the field or click Select a file to search for and select a file from your computer. The following file types are accepted:

  • .bmp
  • .gif
  • .jpg
  • .png

The maximum file size is 50 MB. If an image is added to a question and at least one user completes the question, the image cannot be edited.

Default Language

Select the default language for the question from the drop-down. The default language is the language in which the item will be presented to the applicant.

Response Options

This section allows you to define the response options that will be available for applicants to selected when answering the question. Questions are not required to have a correct or incorrect answer.

Note: This field does not display for Date or Free Form (Essay)/(Short Text) question types.


Select the appropriate category for the question from the drop-down. This is used to organize and filter the questions by subject area. The categories that are available to select are the active categories for pre-screening questions.


Questions are active by default. When active, the question can be used in application workflows. Uncheck the box to inactivate the question. Inactive questions cannot be used in application workflows. If a question is inactivated after it has been used on an application workflow, the question remains on the existing workflow but cannot be added to new workflows.

Answer Explanation

Enter the explanation for the correct answer, up to 4000 characters. Providing an answer explanation serves as an internal note for administrators working on the question. This field is not visible to the applicant. You can click and drag the text box to resize the box.


Click Back to return to the Select Field Type page.

Click Save to save the question.

Click Cancel to close the Create Question page without saving the question.

Edit Question

When editing pre-screening questions, all fields are editable unless the question has been used in an application workflow. If the question has been used, then the Language, Order, Correct, Always Display, Include 'None of the above', Include 'All of the above', and the fields in the Advanced Options section cannot be edited.

Copy Question

When copying questions, the Question field is copied, and "- Copy" is appended to the end of the question.

Delete Question

You can delete the question from the main Pre-Screening Question Bank administration page if the question has not yet been used in an application workflow.

To delete the question, click Delete in the options drop-down for the question on the Questions tab of the Pre-Screening Question Bank page. See Pre-Screening Question Bank - Questions Tab.