Pre-Screening Question Bank - Questions Tab

From the Questions tab, you can create, view, and manage pre-screening questions.

To manage pre-screening questions, go to Admin > Recruit > Pre-Screening Question Bank. The Questions tab opens by default.

Create Question

To create a new pre-screening question, click Create Question. This opens the Create Question page, from which you can select the field type and configure the question. See the following for more information:


Administrators can search existing pre-screening questions by question text, question category, and language. These filters work together so that only the questions that match all criteria are displayed when the Search button is clicked. The following filters are available:

  • Question/Question ID - Enter question keywords or the question ID.
  • Language - Select a language from the drop-down.
  • Category - Select a category from the drop-down.
  • Include Inactive - This is a new option. Check the box to display inactive questions in the questions table.

Once the desired filters are defined, click Search. This updates the Questions table to display matching questions.

Questions Table

The table displays all active pre-screening questions. If Include Inactive is checked, then the table also displays inactive questions. By default, the questions display in alphabetical order.

The following information display for each question:

  • Question - Displays the question text in alphabetical order.
  • Response Type - Displays the response type associated with the question.
  • ID - Displays the unique question ID associated with the question. The question ID is automatically assigned by the system.
  • Category - Displays the question category associated with the question.
  • Language - Displays the language associated with the question.
  • Author - Displays the name of the user that authored the question.
  • Active - If this option is selected, the question is active and can be included in a job requisition form. If this option is not selected, the question is inactive and is not available for job requisition forms. If this option is modified, the changes are implemented immediately and do not require saving.
  • Options - The following options are available in the Options drop-down:
    • Edit - Click this option to edit the question. This opens the Create Question page. When editing a question, a warning message appears if the question has been used in an application workflow to indicate that the meaning of the question should not be changed. See Create Pre-Screening Question for additional information.
    • Copy - Click this option to copy the question. The Copy Question pop-up appears. See Create Pre-Screening Question for additional information.
    • Preview - Click this option to preview the question. The preview options as a pop-up. Note: When previewing the questions, scoring information does not display. The response that is identified as the correct response is not indicated in the preview.
    • Delete - Click this option to delete the question. This option is only available if the question has never been used in an application workflow.