Duplicate Applicants - Identify and Reduce

Duplicate applicants often occur as the result of a single applicant who applies to the same or multiple jobs using various email addresses. Such applicants can increase recruiting costs by taking multiple assessments that would otherwise only be completed once by a single applicant.

Duplicate applicants also create disorganization in Recruiting, triggering an unnecessary number of email triggers, requiring repeated applicant reviews, and loading the system with multiple applicant profiles.

Checking for and flagging duplicate applicants allows recruiters to locate duplicates, and then change their status to Closed so that the duplicates are no longer considered part of the applicant pool for a given requisition.

Manually Reduce Duplicate Applicants

Duplicate applicants can be manually reduced by performing the following steps in the ATS:

  1. Enable the Duplicate Applicants Management functionality in Requisition and Applicant Preferences. This is done by checking the Phone Required option, and then also checking the Flag Potential Duplicates field and defining the duplicate applicant threshold in the Potential Duplicate Applicants Flagging Threshold field. You will also need to define the similarity weights in the Define Matching Points for the User Record Fields field. The weights are used to calculate the matching criteria threshold. Applicants who meet or exceed the threshold are automatically flagged as potential duplicates.
  2. Next, find applicants on the Manage Candidates and Manage Applicants page who are flagged as potential duplicates by filtering by the Potential Duplicate Applicant flag.
  3. Finally, once you have confirmed that there are duplicate applicants, change their status to Closed by doing the following:
    1. On Manage Candidates - Use the Change Status feature. See Manage Candidates - Change Status.
    2. On Manage Applicants - Use the batch Change Status action on the Manage Applicants page. You can also change the status of a single applicant using the regular Change Status action.

Automatically Reduce Duplicate Applicants

There are three ways in the system to automatically reduce duplicate applicants:

Duplicate Applicant FAQs

The following are frequently asked questions (FAQs) about duplicate applicants: