Candidate Search Query Results - Actions

The Actions drop-down on the Search Results page for Candidate Search Query enables you to perform a series of actions on all candidates at once or on individual candidates. The drop-down displays only actions for which you have permission to perform and that are relevant to the functionality in your portal.

The results for a search on Candidate Search are accessed by clicking Search on the Quick Search or Advanced Search tabs. You can also access search results via saved searches.

From the Actions drop-down, you can do the following:

  • Invite candidates to apply to a requisition.
  • Add candidates to a requisition.
  • Add candidates to the Talent Pool.
  • Compare the criteria of up to five candidates.
  • Export candidate data to Excel.
  • Send candidates an email.

Invite to Apply

The Invite to Apply action sends an email invitation to all applicants that are selected from the search results to apply to the requisition. When Invite to Apply is clicked, the Invite to Apply pop-up opens. Select one or more requisitions to which to invite applicants to apply, and then click Done. This triggers the Invitation to Apply email, if configured. The History tab on the applicant's profile page is updated with the event.

If multiple requisitions are selected in the pop-up, a separate email is sent for each requisition.

Note: If the applicant applies via the link in the email, the applicant's source for the requisition is Other - Invited to Apply.

Compare Candidates (up to 5)

Compare Candidates enables you to view the Matching Criteria score and number of matching attributes for up to five candidates at once.

To compare candidates:

  1. Select up to five candidates by checking the box to the left of the candidate's name.
  2. Click Compare Candidates in the Actions drop-down. This opens the Compare Candidates pop-up, displaying the following for each candidate:
    1. Photo, if available; ghost image displays if no photo is available
    2. Full name
    3. Current position (for internal applicants only)
    4. Matching criteria score
    5. Number of matching attributes

Add to Requisition

You can add candidates to requisitions for which they did not apply by using the Add to Requisition feature. All candidates can be added as a batch or individually. Adding a candidate to another requisition does not affect the existing requisition. The candidate appears on the new requisition as though they applied for the job themselves.

In addition, all applicant documents and attachments on the Applicant Profile page for the source requisition move with the applicant to the new requisition. The documents and attachments display on the Documents tab of the Applicant Profile page for the new requisition. For all attachments in the Attachments table, the status in the Applicant Status column is New Submission.

Note: Only candidates who checked the Consider me for other positions field when completing their application can be added to a requisition.

To add a candidate to a requisition:

  1. Check the Select All box to add all candidates to a requisition at once. Or, select individual candidates by checking the box to the left of the candidate's name.
  2. Click the Add to Requisition link in the Actions drop-down. This opens the Add to Requisition pop-up.

  1. Enter search terms in the Job Title, Division, Location, and Owner fields.
  2. Click Search.
  3. The search results display in the Open Jobs table in alphabetical order. The title, division, location, and requisition owner display. All columns in the Open Jobs table are sortable. Note: The results that display are dependent upon your permission constraints.
  4. Click the plus icon in the Add column to select a job. This opens the Selected Jobs table and places the job in the table. The plus icon in the Add column in the Open Jobs table changes to "N/A." You can delete jobs added to the Selected Jobs table by clicking the Remove icon to the left of the job title. Jobs display in Selected Jobs table in the order in which they are added.
  5. The Add As column enables you to add the submission as a new submission or an applicant. Select New Submission to add the applicant as a new submission. Select Applicant to add the applicant into the first status in the status workflow for the requisition, in which case the date for the Current Status is the date on which the applicant was manually added to the requisition.
  6. Note: If Skip New Submission Status is enabled by the administrator in Requisition and Applicant Preferences, then the option to add an applicant as a new submission is disabled for the Add to Requisition action item. The New Submission option in the Add to Requisition pop-up is grayed out and cannot be selected. The Applicant option is then selected by default.

  7. In the Send Email To column in the Selected Jobs table, check the box to send an email to potential applicants and/or requisition owners, notifying them that the candidate has been added to the requisition. Both boxes are unchecked by default. Note: If the new requisition requires applicants to complete certain steps prior to submitting their application, the email can be configured in Email Management to include a link for the applicant to apply directly to the requisition. Further, the application materials for the new job are pre-populated with the applicant's existing information.
  8. Click Done to save the changes.

Mobile-Friendly Candidate Experience Considerations

When an applicant is added or moved to a new requisition and some but not all answers have been answered from the first requisition, the applicant will continue with the second application using the mobile-friendly candidate workflow. In addition, the applicant's previously answered questions will populate in the new mobile-friendly workflow.

Add To Talent Pool

For portals using EPM, the Talent Pool functionality enables you to organize your search results into candidate pools. See Talent Pool - Manage.

To add users to a talent pool:

  1. Check the Select All box to add all candidates to a talent pool at once. Or, select individual candidates by checking the box to the left of the candidate's name.
  2. Click Add To Talent Pool in the Actions drop-down. This opens the Add to Talent Pool pop-up.

  1. Both radio buttons are deselected by default. To create a new talent pool, select Create New Talent Pool for users. Enter a name for the talent pool in the Title field. To add candidates to an existing talent pool, select Select an existing Talent Pool for users. Click the drop-down in the Select field to choose a talent pool.
  2. Click Save to add the candidates to the talent pool.

To view and manage the talent pool, go to Succession > Manage Talent Pool.

Export to Excel

This action allows recruiters to export the data for the selected candidates to Excel. The Excel file includes the search criteria and the candidate data.

Best Practices for Exporting to Excel

When exporting candidate search data to Excel, it is a best practice to consider candidate data privacy and level of security when sharing Excel files with other users within the organization. For portals that have the archive applicant data functionality enabled in Compliance Enablement Preferences, the following best practices should be considered when using the Export to Excel action:

  • Grant candidate search permissions to a limited number of users.
  • Destroy exported candidate search results after a certain period of time.

Send Email

The Send Email feature enables you to email all candidates at once or individual candidates, using your default email application. Clicking Send Email opens an email in a pop-up window. Each checked candidate's email address displays in the blind carbon copy (bcc) field. Email addresses are pulled from a candidate's user record.

To send an email:

  1. Check the Select All box to send an email to all candidates at once. Or, select individual candidates by checking the box to the left of the candidate's name.
  2. Click Send Email in the Actions drop-down. This opens an email from your default email application. Each checked candidate's email address displays in the bcc field. No other fields are auto-populated.
  3. Enter a subject, email text, etc., and then send the email. The email is distributed to all included candidates whose email addresses are active.