Cornerstone Content - Overview

Cornerstone Content includes the following topics:

Cornerstone Content is purchased through Cornerstone and includes the following types of content:

Note: Cornerstone Content does not include content purchased directly from a content provider outside of Cornerstone, even if the content lives in your Cornerstone Learning Management System (LMS). This exclusion also applies to a connector purchased from Cornerstone to integrate the third-party content with your LMS.

Content Anytime (CCA)

Content Anytime subscriptions are expertly curated, always fresh, plug & play content subscriptions that bring together a variety of content from multiple providers, modalities, and languages.

Content Anytime provides:

  • Pre-curated, continuously evolving videos and courses
  • 130+ partners & Cornerstone Originals content
  • 9 content subscriptions
  • 150+ playlists
  • Content in 15+ languages

A La Carte (ALC)

The ALC content subscription is a full catalog of all courses and videos available for one specific provider, such as Grovo Full Library and CyberU Enterprise.

ALC’s specialized libraries provide:

  • Content solutions directly from the experts
  • Pre-integrated libraries of content from the world’s best vendors who specialize in learning for a specific industry, language, or functional library.
  • Great add-on libraries
  • 25+ partners
  • Pre-integrated content
  • Content in 15+ languages

Note: The ‘Subscription Name’’ field in Reporting 2.0 is often populated for ALC libraries. If you are not sure which ALC libraries you have, review this field. Alternatively, reach out to your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager for assistance.

Cornerstone Originals

Cornerstone Originals raise the bar for what you can expect from workplace learning. Cornerstone Original is an innovative content series created by Cornerstone’s in-house Studios team that addresses today's most pressing topics with best-in-class design and production.

Click here to view a sample of Cornerstone Originals and check your subscriptions to see what titles/series you can access. To search in your Content Anytime catalogs, filter for the provider name Cornerstone Originals.