Cornerstone Content - Materials and Resources

There are many great Cornerstone Content materials and resources available to customers to drive engagement from learners:

Cornerstone Success Center (CSC)

  • Content Anytime Page - Your primary destination in the CSC for all resources associated with Content Anytime and Activation Materials to turn training into an engaging learning experience. These include email templates, posters, activities and discussion guides that anyone can use to help their employees transfer what they learn to their work. You’ll find best practices on marketing and promoting your Content Anytime subscription, recommendations on building curricula, and much more. For additional guidance, see this blog article from our Editorial Manager: How to turn training into engaging learning experiences.
  • Course catalogs and refresh schedule - Catalogs for our Content Anytime (CCA) subscriptions are shared following the completion of each Content Refresh, when courses are added and/or removed. We also share catalogs for A La Carte libraries that have additions or removals during the quarter.
  • Content Community - Connect with and learn from fellow clients who are using the same tools you.
  • Learn It Live - Short live virtual training with a certified Cornerstone Training expert that breaks down key product functionality, configuration, and administration for Content-specific topics.

Cornerstone Knowledge Base (KB)

The Cornerstone Knowledge Base provides answers to many of your questions and provides additional information about Cornerstone Content.

Select this link to access the Cornerstone Knowledge Base: Cornerstone Knowledge Base

Customer Success- Content Office Hours

Join members of our Content Services Team for live interactive sessions specifically designed for Customers who purchased content through Cornerstone:

Content Snapshot

The Content Operations team publishes a monthly communication called Content Snapshot. It is sent to Administrators in our Cornerstone Content customer organizations who currently have one or more of our Content products, such as CCA subscriptions and A La Carte libraries. Snapshot is designed to provide our community of Content customers with the following:

  • Notification that the quarterly content refresh is complete with a link to the details of course additions and removals.
  • Announcements about new developments and initiatives impacting existing products which you may benefit from as part of a quarterly refresh. This may include localization of courses and exciting new series, or providers added to Content Anytime subscriptions.
  • Introduction to new subscriptions and Cornerstone Originals series, all developed in-house at Cornerstone.
  • Introduction to new Content Partners incorporated into our existing Content Anytime subscriptions or providing new A La Carte offerings.
  • Links to helpful blogs, tools, and activation materials that enable you to engage with your learners and get the optimal benefit from your content.
  • Links to register for Content webinars and live sessions such as Office Hours and Learn It Live.
  • Insight into which content courses are popular among other Cornerstone customers.
  • Information on exciting Cornerstone events such as Cornerstone Convergence.

If you would like to receive the Content Snapshot, message your Account Representative or Customer Success Manager.


You can access pre-built playlists or create and manage custom playlists.

  • Pre-build Playlists

    Currently, playlists are included in the Content Anytime subscription offering only. Curated by our team of content experts, our playlists are categorized by industry and business topics and deployed to your portal when we upload the content. You will need to set Availability for users via Course Catalog.

    In order to locate the playlists, navigate to Course Catalog and filter for Playlist training type items. You may also apply the Subscription name filter to surface only the playlists associated with a particular subscription. Note: Learner Home must be enabled in your portal to use Playlist functionality. See How to find your pre-built Content Anytime playlists.

    Only the original creator has the ability to update an existing playlist, so you will not have the ability to edit a playlist once it has been loaded to your portal. However, you may copy a playlist and then make changes to the duplicate entry. See Copy Playlists.

  • Custom Playlists

    Users with permission to create playlists can curate collections of trainings and make them accessible to other users in the system using the Learner Home page and Learning search. Learners can follow playlists created by users they admire and use the suggested training in playlists to develop their own careers. See Learning Playlists Overview.

Note: Any content included in a CSOD-build playlist must have the individual LO availability set to your target audience so they can view that content.

Global Customer Support (GCS)

If you need to work with our GCS team, use the following resources: