Cornerstone Content - Language Localization

Cornerstone Content language localization includes information about course behavior related to language in the Learning Management System (LMS), system configuration for languages, and language metadata.

Cornerstone’s content offerings are designed to serve a broad and diverse global audience. There are two primary types of course behaviors related to language in the LMS:

  • Single Course/Single Language – Only one language is associated with a single learning object, for example, English, German, or French. For this type of course, only a single Available Language is associated with each course.
  • Single Course/Multiple Languages – A single learning object may have numerous language options nestled within the course. The course typically launches in English, and the user may select their desired language from a menu inside the course player. Here, multiple Available Languages are reflected in the system.

System Configuration for Language Localization

If you are unable to access the courses you believe should be available to you, there may be an issue with how languages are configured in your portal. You must activate all Available Languages associated with the courses in your purchased library. Once this is done, the courses should be visible to your system administrator via Course Catalog.

To enable relevant languages, go to Admin > Tools > Core Preferences >. From the System Preferences list, select Modify Available LanguagesSee Modify Available Languages. for details.

Translated metadata

Translated metadata is included for courses that are available in different languages, subject to availability.