Cornerstone Content - Delivery and Maintenance

Cornerstone Content delivery and maintenance includes how content is delivered and refreshed.

For additional information about Cornerstone Content, see Content Anytime - Content Implementation FAQ.

Cornerstone Content Delivery

Once you purchase a content option, you should receive a welcome email within two weeks from the date the contract is signed, and a follow-up notification once the content is uploaded to your portal. Note: If your purchase requires custom course selections, we will need to confirm your selections prior to the load. This may adjust the overall delivery time line.

Purchased content is uploaded to Learning Management System (LMS) as Online Class or Online Content LOs to your Production environment. All Learning Objects are associated with specific provider names, such as CyberU. Note: Online Class or Online Content LOs must be enabled in Search Preferences to view this content. Also ensure that your IT department added the provider URLs to their internal safelists, if necessary.

  • Cornerstone On Demand (CSOD) uploaded content includes the following metadata settings:
    • Course Title
    • Course Description
    • Course Duration
    • Keywords
    • Available Language(s)
    • Thumbnail Images
    • Subjects
  • CSOD uploaded content contains the following system settings:
    • Mobile Setting - Enabled only when content is optimized for mobile/CSOD Learn App.
    • Compatibility Mode - Set to None which enables native Internet Explorer access and does not allow users to watch content in outdated versions of Internet Explorer.
    • Recurrence- Set to On which allows users to request and be assigned trainings more than once.

See Content Implementation FAQ for more information.

Cornerstone Content Refresh

Content is refreshed periodically to keep your subscriptions and libraries up to date, including content additions, removals, and replacements.

Your subscriptions and libraries are refreshed regularly by adding the newest content from our Partners or removing content that is outdated, no longer relevant, or retired by Content Partners. Content is refreshed on a predefined schedule multiple times a year.

To view refresh schedules, view and follow Content Refresh in the Client Success Center (CSC). You can also enable Daily Digest emails via My Account in the CSC to receive alerts when there in new information about content refresh.

Content additions, removals, and replacements are based on the type of subscription or library you purchased.

  • Monthly additions - Monthly additions apply as follows:
    • Content Anytime
      • New courses from our CCA Content Partners that are curated into the existing CCA subscriptions.
      • New Cornerstone Originals series and/or courses created by the Cornerstone Studios team which are curated into the existing CCA subscriptions.
    • ALC - New courses Content Partners added to ALC libraries.
  • Quarterly removals - Content is retired from CCA and ALC content libraries as necessary for the following reasons:
    • Course retirement by the content provider. Providers retire courses for any number of reasons. Cornerstone removes the course from the catalog.
    • Course no longer meets CSOD quality standards.
    • Course has low performance.
    • Course is broken or has bugs that cannot be fixed.
    • A newer version of the course is available.
  • Quarterly replacements - A new version of a course may be added as a replacement for a course that is being retired by a Content Partner and is removed from the relevant subscriptions by our Curation team. When this occurs, the replacement course has the same title as the old version of the course. The two key differences between the old and new version of the course are as follows:
    • Object ID - Each course is uniquely identified via its respective Object ID.
    • Course Description - The new version of a course includes "Added Month/Year" (i.e., "Added February 2021") in the local language of the metadata.

Note: This process ONLY affects retired courses that are replaced by the same Cornerstone Content Partner. Retired courses with no direct replacement are not included in this process.


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