Internal Career Site - Refer Candidates

The Refer a Candidate option lets employees refer a job by email to a candidate, such as a colleague or relative. This option is only available for jobs that are eligible to be referred. Jobs are eligible for referral when they are posted to the default external career site for the requisition, as defined on the Postings page for the requisition.

If the job is eligible for referral and contains a referral bonus, the referral bonus appears at the top of the job details page. If Internal Career Site Preferences are set to hide referral relationships, then the referral bonus does not display.

Pre-Step Note: At least one email must be configured for the Referral to External Email email in Email Administration in order for users to be able to refer jobs from the internal career site. . The email should include the REFERRAL.LINK email tag so that the referral is linked to the employee who referred the job. This tag also allows the referred candidate quick access to the job details page.

To access the Internal Career Site page, go to Home > Internal Career Site.

Refer Candidate

To refer a candidate:

  1. Navigate to the job details page by clicking the name of the job on the job search page of the internal career site.
  2. Click Refer a Candidate at the top or bottom of the job details page. This opens the Refer a Candidate flyout.
  3. Enter the email address in the Candidate's Email field. This is the email address of the person you would like to refer.
  4. Select Yes or No to indicate whether you are related to the candidate.
  5. Enter a message in the Message to candidate field. This is optional. Note: This message only appears in the email if the administrator configured the email to allow the message to appear. The administrator must include the EMAIL.CUSTOM.MESSAGE email tag in the email.
  6. Copy the link in the Referral Link field if you would like to use it to refer the candidate via mediums other than email, such as social media platforms. Note: When candidates apply to a job via the copied referral link, they will follow the same referral process as referrals that are sent via email. However, sharing the referral link on a social media platform does not add an entry to your My Referrals page unless a candidate applies via the link.
  7. Select the language in the Preferred Language field in which you would like the email to appear for the candidate.
  8. Click Send Email. This emails the job referral to the candidate. Note: The email may have been configured by the administrator to be sent to members of the hiring team as well.

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