Learning Details - Events and Sessions

All the same Learning Details features available to other training types are also available to events and sessions, but additional features and considerations apply to event and session training items.

Event Details

In the Actions Card of the Learning Details page, the following information displays for the event:

  • Training Type (event)
  • Training Title
  • Training Price - If a price has been configured for an event, the price displays in the Actions Card. Even if no sessions are currently scheduled for an event, the event price displays on the Learning Details page, if a price has been configured for the event. Note: When a user views the Learning Details page for an event, the event may have several available sessions. If these sessions have different prices, the Event Price text will state, "Session Price Varies" instead of an actual event price.


In the Actions Card of the Learning Details page, the primary action for the training item displays as a button. If a user accesses the Learning Details page for an event and the user has not already registered for a session of the event, a Select a Session button displays. Clicking this button automatically scrolls the user to the Upcoming Sessions section on the page, where the user can choose and register for a session.

If the user is able to assign training to other users, an Assign button displays, allowing them to assign the training to users to whom they have permission to assign training.

Upcoming Sessions

On the Learning Details page for events, an Upcoming Sessions section displays. The Upcoming Sessions section contains the following features:

  • Sort drop-down - This drop-down allows the user to sort the sessions according to selected criteria. For example, the sessions can be sorted by date.
  • Total number of sessions - The total number of sessions currently available for the event displays.
  • Dates - The date on which the session will occur displays to the left of the session.
  • Registration Deadline - If the Hide Registration Information option in ILT Preferences is not selected, a registration deadline alert displays in the Upcoming Sessions section. If a session does not have a registration deadline configured, the registration deadline defaults to the session start date.
  • Sessions - Each session displays with the following information and options:
    • Title - This is the title of the session.
    • Date and Time - This field displays the day of the week, date, time, and time zone of the session.
    • Location - This field displays the location of the session. When the address for a session is part of a location hierarchy, learners see the address of the session's actual location on the Session Details flyout. For example, if the session location is part of the EMEA > France > Paris hierarchy, the address that displays to the learner is the Paris location address.
    • Available Languages - Any languages supported by the session display as tags.
    • Price - If the session has a price, the price displays above the Action button. Event and session prices display with a strikethrough if the user viewing the page has the event or session included in a subscription. The strikethrough helps make it clear to the user that they do not need to pay the standard price for the event or session, as it is already included in their subscription.
    • Action Button - The action button provides access to any available actions for the session. The following actions may be available:
      • View Details - Clicking this option opens the Session flyout, where training details about the session display. Metadata about the session is available in the Session flyout, along with any associated prerequisites, pre-work, or post-work.
      • Select a Session - This option allows the user to select the session and add it to their transcript.
      • Add to Waitlist - If a session is full, an Add to Waitlist option displays for the session. If a user clicks the Add to Waitlist link, they are immediately placed on the waitlist for the session, and the user is redirected to their transcript. The waitlist will be managed by the system in the manner configured by the administrator who created the event.
      • View Roster - This option is available for administrators and ILT instructors when they view their sessions. Click the View Roster link to be redirected to the Roster page for the session within the same browser window. If a user is registered for a session, this option will not be available for this session. For more information about managing a session roster: See Session Roster - Roster Tab.
      • Notify Me of New Sessions - To be notified when new sessions are added for the event, the user can click the Notify Me of New Sessions link, which is located in the Options drop-down menu for the session. This navigates the user to the Interest Tracking page, and the user can specify that they would like to be notified when new sessions are added to the event.
        • Note: The "ILT Session Becomes Available" email must be configured via Email Administration in order for users to be notified via email when a new session is available for an event in which they are interested.
        • Note: If Interest Tracking is not enabled via ILT Preferences, the Notify Me of New Sessions link does not display.
      • Request - Clicking this option triggers a session request from the user. Note: If prerequisites are configured for the session, the prerequisites may have to be satisfied before the training can be requested. Administrators, it is also possible that the session has been configured to not allow users to request an exception to the prerequisites. More information on this can be found in ILT Preferences. See Exception Requests.

      • Register - Clicking this option registers the user for the session.

      • Add to Cart - Clicking this option redirects the user to the shopping cart checkout process for the session.

      • Add to Waitlist - Clicking this option adds the user directly to the waitlist for the session.

      • Withdraw - Clicking this option withdraws the user from a session that the user is already registered for.

      • Save for Later/Remove from Saved - Clicking this option saves the session for later on the user's Learner Home page, or removes the session from the user's Learner Home page if it had already been saved.

      • Add to Playlist - Clicking this option triggers the playlist flyout, which allows the user to add the session to an existing playlist a new playlist.

    • Seats Available - The number of currently registered users displays with the total number of seats available. If no seats are currently available, the phrase "No seats available" displays. The visibility of this functionality is controlled by the Hide Registration Information option in ILT Preferences
    • Status - If the user is registered for the session, the user’s transcript status displays below the Action button instead of the number of spaces left in the session.

    Note: Only sessions available to the user will display, meaning Availability Criteria and Advance Registration settings will be respected, so it is possible that not all sessions in the portal will display to the user. The Do not allow users to Request this session by Exception Request. If checked, only users in availability below will see this session preference does NOT apply here.

Session Flyout

The Session flyout is opened by clicking the View Details button for the session on the Learning Details page for the event. The Session flyout displays training details and metadata for the session, training contact information, custom fields, and any prerequisites. If enabled, you can also view links to resources and information about penalties.

If the user viewing the flyout is able to assign training, the Assign button displays at the bottom of the flyout. The primary action button displays the primary action available for the session, and additional options may be accessible by clicking the drop-down menu on the right side of the button.

Notify Me When New Sessions Are Available

To be notified when new sessions are added for the event, the user can click the Notify me when new sessions are available link. This link, along with a zero state image, displays when no sessions are currently available. Note: The ILT Session Becomes Available email must be configured via Email Administration in order for users to be notified via email when a new session is available for an event in which they are interested.

Exception Requests

Users can generate an exception request when a session they are requesting has prerequisite training that the user has neither requested nor completed. However, exception requests can only be requested ifenabled for the session.

If the user requests a session with prerequisites, but the user has not yet completed the prerequisites, a pop-up appears and includes the following options:

  • See Prerequisites- When this option is clicked, the following occurs, depending on the number of prerequisites configured for the session:
    • If there is a single prerequisite, the learner is redirected to the learning details page of the prerequisite.
    • If there are several prerequisites or several prerequisite options, the learner is redirected back to one of the following:
      • The learning details page of the curriculum where the prerequisites display.
      • The session flyout, where the prerequisites display. Note: It may be necessary to scroll down on the flyout to view the list of prerequisites.
  • Exception Request- Click this option to submit an exception request for the prerequisite.

For more information about exception requests: See Exception Requests.

For more information about approving and denying exception requests as an administrator: See Grant/Deny Requests.

Session Scheduling Conflict Pop-Up

A pop-up displays when a learner attempts to register for a session that conflicts with the time and date of another session for which they are already registered. This allows the learner to decide if they want to register for the session despite the conflict or stop the registration process for the new session.

If the learner would like to cancel their registration request, they can click the X button in the upper-right corner of the pop-up. If the learner would like to proceed with registering for the training despite the scheduling conflict, they can click the Continue button. The registration request will be completed, and the user will have multiple sessions scheduled for the same time on their transcript.

One Waitlist Per Person Pop-Up

When a learner is already on the waitlist for an instructor-led training (ILT) session and then the learner attempts to add themselves to the waitlist for another session within the same event, a notification appears, stating that the event is limited to one waitlist per person. The learner must then acknowledge that if they proceed, they will be removed from the other waitlist.

If the user clicks the Continue button, they will be removed from the waitlist they were already on, and then they will be added to the waitlist for the selected session of the event.

Note: This behavior only applies in portals where the ILT Preference setting Limit Users to One Waitlist Per Person is configured. See ILT Preferences - General.


The following considerations apply to the Learning Details page for events and sessions:

  • Sessions Display - The Upcoming Sessions list for an event now displays all sessions available to the user
  • View Full Calendar link - This link, which is available for the legacy Event Details page, is NOT available when viewing the new Learning Details page for an event