Create Job Requisition - Overview

Job requisitions consist of all of the settings and information for the job as well as the job ad and job postings.

To create a job requisition:

  1. Go to Applicant Tracking > Manage Requisitions. Then click the Add Requisition link.
  2. The following are the steps for creating a job requisition:

Default Language Requirement

For portals with multiple languages enabled, when configuring localized values in the Translate pop-up, a value must be entered for the default language in order to save the localized values in the pop-up. For example, if the Display Job Title field is translated into French (France), and the default language is English (UK), then the English (UK) field cannot be blank. A translated value must always be included for the default language. Note: The default language is the language of the user creating the job requisition or requisition template.

Deleting a Job Requisition

Once a job requisition is created, whether it has been submitted or still in a Draft status, the requisition cannot be deleted.

Even if the requisition is changed to a Cancelled status, it will still be visible on the Manage Requisitions page when viewing requisitions that are in a Cancelled status.



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