Curricula Administration

Curricula Administration enables administrators to create and manage curricula. Once requested or assigned, a curriculum can be managed in a user's transcript.

To access Curricula Administration, go to Admin > Tools > Learning > Catalog Management > Curricula.

The following features are available on the Curricula Administration page:

  • Create a New Curriculum - Click this link to create a new curriculum.
  • View Pending Requests - Click this link to see curriculum requests from users who requested a curriculum for which they did not complete the required prerequisite. Only Curriculum Owners will be able to view and manage curriculum exception requests.
  • Search - Use this search bar to search for existing curricula.
  • Search by Training Title - Use this field to search for a curriculum by filtering for a specific single training title.
  • Include Inactive - Check this box to view inactive curricula.
  • Expand - Click this icon to expand the curriculum and view other versions.
  • Active - Check or uncheck this box to make a curriculum active or inactive. When an administrator attempts to activate or deactivate a curriculum from the Curricula Administration page, they will be prompted to confirm the activation or deactivation via a pop-up.
  • Edit Evaluation - Click this icon to manage evaluations for the curriculum.
  • View Users - Click this icon to view users enrolled in curriculum and modify the curriculum version for users.
  • Copy Curriculum - Click this icon to copy an existing curriculum. Only the current version or an inactive curriculum can be copied. For more information about what fields and settings are copied to the new version: See Copy Curriculum.
  • Edit - Click this icon to edit a curriculum.
  • Delete - Click this icon to delete the curriculum. Curricula cannot be removed if:
    • The curriculum has been requested by at least one user. In this case, the curriculum can be deactivated if necessary.

    • The curriculum is included in an active learning assignment.

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