Curriculum - Manage Exception Requests

Curriculum View Pending Requests functionality allows you to see curriculum requests from users who requested a curriculum for which they did not complete the required prerequisite. Only Curriculum Owners will be able to view and manage curriculum exception requests.

Design Note: An updated interface is available for this page, which can be enabled by administrators in Feature Activation Preferences. With the new design, the functionality of the page is unchanged.

Go to Admin > Tools > Learning > Catalog Management > Curricula.

To manage exception requests, on the Curricula Administration page, complete the following steps:

  1. Click View Pending Requests link.
  2. Pending/View Past Requests tabs:
    • Pending - This tab shows all pending requests
    • View Past Requests - This tab shows all past requests that have either been granted or denied
  3. Export to Excel - Click this option to export the list to Excel
  4. Click the Respond link to approve or deny the request
  5. Comments - enter comments which will display in the user transcript under the View Details and the Training Unit Approval History. The Comment box is limited to 100 characters.
    1. Click the Grant button to approve the user to take this class.
    2. Click the Deny button to deny the user to take this class. User's status will change from Exception Requested to Denied
      • When the curriculum is approved or denied, an automatic email notification can be sent to the user (if activated) and the status within the user transcript will update