Transcript (Universal Profile) - Status and Options

The transcript contains numerous statuses and options, which are automatically updated as a result of user, manager, and administrator actions, and based on the type of learning object (LO). See Transcript - Curriculum Subscriptions to view how the transcript behaves when curriculum subscriptions are enabled.

Course Status Update

The automation of the system enables course statuses and options to be automatically updated. For example:

  • When a manager approves a course:
    • The transcript status is automatically changed to Approved.
    • The transcript option changes to allow the user to register.
  • When you register for a course:
    • The status changes to Registered.
    • A Launch option is available if the LO is an online course.

Course Troubleshooting Guide

In certain cases, users may have issues receiving a Completed status for their online course even if they have launched the course and completed the assessment within the course. See Course Troubleshooting Guide.

Training Statuses

When a LO is inactive, "Inactive" appears as the first action in the Action drop-down menu. This option is not clickable. The only other option available in the Action drop-down menu is the View Details option, which opens the Training Details page.

The following statuses and options are available for each LO type on the Universal Profile - Transcript page:

Note: The Failed status can be enabled by contacting Global Customer Support. If not activated, a failed Online Content displays "In Progress" status.