Library - Manage

To manage a training library, go to Learning > View Your Transcript. Then, select the Manage option for the library to review the library training details.

To search for a specific item in the library, enter key words in the Search field, and click the Search button.

  • View the Search results and locate the appropriate training within the Library.
  • Click the Expand icon to see the course description.

The following options may be available in the Options column:

  • Activate - Click to activate a specific training course in the Library. Note: If a training item within a library is already activated outside the library, the Activate link does not work. If you experience the Activate link not working within a library, search for the training item on your transcript and access it directly.
  • Register - Click to register for the course in the Library.
  • Launch - Click to launch the course within the Library.