Library - Manage

The Library training type will be deprecated with the November 2022 release!

A library is a collection of online courses. A user can manage a library assigned to them via their transcript.

To manage a training library, go to Learning > View Your Transcript. Then, select the Manage option for the library to review the library training details.

To search for a specific item in the library, enter key words in the Search field, and click the Search button.

  1. View the Search results and locate the appropriate training within the library.
  2. Click the Expand icon to see the course description.

The following options may be available in the Options column:

  • Activate - Click to activate a specific training course in the library. Note: If a training item within a library is already activated outside the library, the Activate link does not work. If you experience the Activate link not working within a library, search for the training item on your transcript and access it directly.
  • Register - Click to register for the course in the library.
  • Launch - Click to launch the course within the library.