Career Center - Explore Open Jobs Tab

The Explore Open Jobs tab allows internal users to search for open internal positions. From the search results, you can view details of the job, such as the location and division. You can also apply to the job from this page.

To access the Explore Open Jobs tab, go to Succession > Career Center > Explore Open Jobs.

Search Options

The following search options are available:

  • Keyboard or ReqID - Enter keywords or a requisition ID to search for open internal jobs that match the keyword or ID. This searches the Display Job Title, Job Description, and Keywords fields on the requisition. The character limit for this field is 100. Administrator/Recruiter Note: The keyword search looks for full or partial matches to the Name field on the General tab of the Create/Edit Job Requisition page.
  • Division - Click the Division field to select a specific Division organizational unit (OU) for the search. This limits the search to the selected Division OU.
  • Location - Click the Location field to select a specific Location OU for the search. This limits the search to the selected Location OU.
  • Include Subordinates - When this option is selected below the Division or Location field, the search includes the selected OU and all of the OU's child OUs. For example, when the California location is selected and the Include Subordinates option is selected, then the search includes the California location and all locations within California, such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego
  • Requisition custom fields - Additional fields may be available, depending on the configuration of the Career Center Preferences. If the user is not within the availability for a custom field, then the custom field is not available to the user.

Click Search to search for open jobs.

Search Tip: If you click Search without defining any filter options, then all open positions will display.

Search Results

The search results display the open positions and the open positions to which you have already applied.

The following information displays in the search results: