Search for Training

The search area of the system enables you to search for training, events, curricula, knowledge bank items (known as postings), tests, libraries, online courses, quick courses, materials, and forms. There are several ways that a user can search for training. You can search for training in the following areas:

  • Using the Search field located in the upper-right corner of the page
  • Browse for Training by subjects

When searching for training, the results you receive will differ depending on whether you are using Learning Search or Global Search. For more information about the differences between these two tools: See Learning Search vs. Global Search.

Users can also search for volunteer activities. See Search for Volunteer Activities for additional information.

Search Widget

In the upper-right corner of the window, there is a Search field. See Global Search Overview.

Browse for Training

The Browse for Training page enables users to browse for training by subject, date, training type, and rating. Users can also use additional filters to find the necessary training items. See Browse for Training.

Select a Learning Object

Click the title of the training to view additional details or to request or assign the training.

Add Training Plan Request via Search Catalog

When searching for training, users can click the training title to view the LO Details page. If a training plan manager or plan contributor views the the LO Details page and they have access to a training plan during a plan period, then a Training Plan drop-down menu appears on the page.

Note: The drop-down only appears for plan managers and plan contributors who have access to a training plan during a training plan period. Also, this feature must be enabled on your portal. To enable this feature, contact Global Product Support.

If the plan contributor or plan manager has access to multiple training plans during a plan period, all training plans appear in the drop-down list. Plan contributors and managers can select the appropriate plan and click the Add button to add the training to the training plan. This opens the Training Plan page, where the training is now added to the training plan.

After adding LOs to the training plan through the Course Catalog, plan contributors and plan managers are required to complete any custom fields outlined in the plan. The final plan must also be submitted before the training request is submitted.

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