Search for Training

The search area of the system enables you to search for training, events, curricula, postings, tests, libraries, online courses, quick courses, materials, and forms. There are several ways a user can search for training. You can search for training in the following areas:

  • Learning Search
  • Learner Home
  • Global Search (located in the upper-right corner of most system pages)
  • Browse for Training by subjects
  • Events Calendar

When searching for training, the results you receive will differ depending on whether you are using Learning Search or Global Search. For more information about the differences between these two tools: See Learning Search vs. Traditional Search.

Search Widget

In the upper-right corner of the window, there is a Search field. This field may use either Global Search logic or Learning search logic, depending on Search Preference settings. Global Search is powered by Cornerstone's original search engine. This engine contains a predetermined ranking model which recommends training based on a combination of title, description, and other matches also driven by the user’s search string. Global Search returns predictive results as users type, which is powered by the engine of Learning Search.See Global Search Overview.

Learning Search

The Learning Search page allows users to search for and filter training in the system. The robust filter options make it easy for users to find training. Learning Search is accessed via the Learner Home page, and is fully optimized for both desktop and mobile browsers. Learning Search is powered by Cornerstone’s newest search engine. This engine indexes and intelligently surfaces training based on a number of variables, powered by the user’s search string. It is designed to surface relevant training in an expeditious manner. See Learning Search.

Learner Home

The Learner Home serves as a learning hub which facilitates a seamless learning experience for users, allowing them to browse for and request relevant training, search and filter for specific training, and helps ensure compliance by helping you prioritize and take action on training you must complete. The Learner Home includes several features which enable learners to easily select subjects of interest, discover training based on machine learning, and quickly access and request new training. See Learner Home - End User View Overview.

Browse for Training

The Browse for Training page enables users to browse for training by subject, date, training type, and rating. Users can also use additional filters to find the necessary training items. See Browse for Training.

Select a Learning Object

Click the title of the training to view additional details or to request or assign the training. When a learner views training from any browsing page and the training does not require approval, the Launch option will display as the primary action available for the training. The user can click the Launch option to immediately launch the training if the training does not require approval, has no incomplete prerequisites, or a price.

Events Calendar

The Events Calendar allows users to view upcoming instructor-led training (ILT) events in a calendar format. Various filter options are available to help users find training that aligns with their interests and schedule. See Events Calendar.