Content Studio

Content Studio is a content discovery, curation, and insights platform that helps customers explore Cornerstone’s content offerings before making any purchasing decision. Prior to this application, finding, procuring content from multiple vendors, and getting engagement on right content was challenging for an organization.

Content Studio helps in curating highly effective and engaging content along with insights to drive success. It is driven by AI powered search and consumption metrics which uses comprehensive filters to identify the best content that fits organizational needs. ​Content Studio is a companion application to Cornerstone CSX, and it can be accessed with a single click without having to manage a separate login.

How Does Content Studio Benefit My Organization?

Content Studio allows curators and administrators to do the following:

  • Quickly and easily access Content subscriptions along with proprietary content from their CSX course catalog in a single unified, intuitive user interface.
  • Publish curated content collections as playlists in their CSX portal.
  • Collaborate with other curators to review and optimize the quality of collections.
  • Content Studio is not available in Stage or Pilot environments.

Content Studio Online Help

Click here to access the Content Studio Online Help.

Content Studio Playlist

Click here to access the Content Studio playlist, which includes a video overview and the Starter Guide.


When Content Studio is enabled, access to Content Studio is controlled by the View Content Studio permission or by assigning users to the new Content Studio security role. The Playlist - Create permission is needed to publish collections as playlists in CSX portals.

To access Content Studio, go to Content > Content Studio. Then, select the Content Studio link. Content Studio opens in a new browser tab or window.


Content Studio is automatically enabled for existing Cornerstone Content customers. Content Studio is also available for purchase for non-content customers. The Content Studio role is assigned to System Administrators for qualifying content customers. Administrators with access will see Content Studio under the Content navigation tab.

Content Studio is only available in Production environments.

For this initial launch, Content Studio is not available for Life Science customers or customers located in swim lane 4.


The following permissions apply to this functionality:

View Content Studio Grants ability to access Content Studio from the Cornerstone CSX application. This permission cannot be constrained. This is an administrator permission. System Administration
Playlists - Create Grants ability to create private Learning Playlists. This permission cannot be constrained. This is an end user permission. Learning - Administration