Connect With Us Page - Overview

Connect With Us enables applicants to apply directly to a company instead of applying to a specific requisition. Often, qualified candidates cannot find the ideal position on a career site. Connect With Us enables organizations to still capture the information from these applicants and find those applicants via a candidate search query.

From the Connect With Us page, you can configure the settings for the applicant view of the Connect With Us form on the career site. The page is organized into the following tabs:

  • General - This tab allows you to select the fields that will display for applicants when applying via Connect With Us. You can also configure the settings for resume parsing and branding.
  • Areas of Interest - This tab allows you to configure the areas of interest that applicants can select when applying via Connect With Us.

To access the Connect With Us page, go to Admin > Tools > Recruit > Career Site. Then, click the Edit Connect With Us option in the Options column.

Use Cases

  • Mike is an applicant who is navigating through ACME's career site and does not see any open positions that would be a good fit for him, even though he is a highly qualified applicant. He needs a way to submit his basic information, including resume and area of interest, so that he can be notified by ACME when a position opens that matches his interest.
  • Lauren is a recruiter who needs to find applicants like Mike to fill her recently open positions and to build her talent pools. Lauren needs a way to search for applicants like Mike and segregate those applicants based on different criteria, such as area of interest and location.


For portals that assign external applicants a specific organizational unit (OU) when they apply to a job, it is important to note that the Connect With Us functionality does not assign an OU when applicants apply via Connect With Us.

Duplicate Applicant Prevention

To reduce the possibility of duplicate applicants, the Connect With Us form does not allow applicants to apply using an email address that is already in use in the career site. The Email field on the Connect With Us form is a standard field that applicants must complete before applying via Connect With Us.

In addition, for existing applicants who already have a profile in the career site but who attempt to apply using their LinkedIn or Seek profile via Connect With Us, a message will display to indicate that they are already connected with the organization. This prevents applicants from creating duplicate profiles in the career site using a social network profile.