Connect With Us Page

Connect With Us enables applicants to apply directly to a company instead of applying to a specific requisition. Often, qualified applicants cannot find the ideal position on a career site. Connect With Us enables organizations to capture the information from these applicants and find those applicants via a candidate search query.

On the Connect With Us administration page, you can create a form that applicants complete to apply directly to your organization. The form is created for a single career site and can be branded with a page title and background image.

Once the form is created, the form can only be made visible on a Standard career site by adding a link to the form via an HTML widget. For mobile-friendly career sites, the form is added via the Connect With Us URL option when configuring the mobile-friendly career site.

To access the Connect With Us page, go to Admin > Tools > Recruit > Career Site. Then, click the connect with is icon in the Options column.

Import Data

The Import Data option lets you to import the Connect With Us settings from another Connect With Us form that was created for a different career site. This is a quicker way to create a form and can be helpful when the configurations on the other form are similar or identical to the configurations you want to make for the form for this career site.

To import the data from another form:

  1. Click Import Data. This opens the Import data from another Connect With Us form pop-up.

  1. Select the career site from which you would like to import the settings.
  2. Click Import. This will overwrite any existing settings on your form, and those existing settings cannot be retrieved.

Note: You can undo the import action by not clicking Save on the Connect With Us page.

General Tab

From the General tab, you can configure the contact fields and areas of interest that will appear on the form, as well as brand the form with a page title and background image. You can also enable or disable resume parsing.

Areas of Interest Tab

From the Areas of Interest tab on the Connect With Us page, you can configure the interests that display for applicants when applying for a job via Connect With Us. Each area of interest that you would like to display on the Connect With Us form must be made active in order for any interests appear.

View Form

Click View Form to view the form. The form opens in a new tab. When making changes to the form, the changes must be saved before they will appear when viewing the form.


Click Save to save the Connect With Us settings. This opens a pop-up to indicate that your changes have been saved successfully. Click OK in the pop-up to return to the Connect With Us page. Or, click Back to return to the Career Site Management page.