Career Site - Connect With Us

The Connect With Us page allows applicants to apply to an organization directly, rather than applying to a specific job requisition. Applicants fill out the form and submit their information. Once submitted, applicants can be emailed when a position that is seen as a good fit for the applicant opens in the organization.

To access the Connect With Us page, applicants click the Connect With Us link, which appears under the career site name on the career site homepage.

Note: The name of the Connect With Us form may vary, depending on the administrator's configuration of the form. The form description and background image may also vary.

Apply with LinkedIn/Seek

The Apply with LinkedIn and Apply with Seek options are only available if enabled by the administrator. Applicants can click the button to use their LinkedIn or Seek profile to apply to the organization. This opens a pop-up that allows the applicant to log in to their LinkedIn or Seek profile.

Once logged in to their LinkedIn or Seek profile, their applicable profile data populates the Connect With Us form. If the option to include a resume is available on the form (enabled by the administrator on the Connect With Us page), then the applicant's LinkedIn or Seek profile serves as their resume.

Applicants can modify their parsed data in the Connect With Us form fields, and then click Sign Up to apply to the organization, which also creates a profile for the applicant in the career site and a user in your portal.

Note: Using one of these options does not allow an applicant to apply directly to a job requisition. These options are only used to provide applicant data for the Connect With Us functionality.

Note: If the administrator has disabled the option to parse the resume, then the applicant's LinkedIn or Seek profile data does not automatically populate the Connect With Us form fields. The applicant will need to fill out the fields manually, including attaching a resume, if the option to include a resume is enabled by the administrator.

Duplicate Applicant Prevention

For existing applicants who already have a profile in the career site but who attempt to apply with their LinkedIn or Seek profile via Connect With Us, a message will display to indicate that they are already connected with the organization. This prevents applicants from creating duplicate profiles.

Form Fields

Complete the following fields on the Connect With Us form. Some fields may not be available if they are disabled by the administrator when configuring the Connect With Us page.

  • First Name - Enter your first name, up to 100 characters.
  • Last Name - Enter your last name, up to 100 characters.
  • Email - Enter the email address you would like to associate with your profile and use when logging in to the career site. The character limit for this field is 100.
  • Phone - Enter the phone number you would like to use as your contact number, up to 30 characters.
  • City - Enter your city name, up to 35 characters.
  • State - Enter your state, up to 30 characters.
  • Select a Country - Select a country from the drop-down.
  • Zip Code - Enter your ZIP Code, up to 20 characters. This field is optional.
  • Select Areas of Interest - Click the drop-down and check all areas of interest that apply to you. The areas of interest are a feature that recruiters use to search for applicants for open positions. The list displays in alphabetical order.
  • Resume - Drag and drop your resume file to the field. Or, click Select a file to upload a resume.

Click Sign Up to submit the form. This opens a Thank You page, from which you can create a profile in the career site.