Goals Configuration Overview

Use the Goals Configuration page to customize the way goals appear in your portal as well as goal statuses. This page also allows you to customize the instructions users receive as they create their goals.

To modify Goals Configuration, go to Admin > Tools > Performance Management > Goals Configuration.

Field Administration

Select which fields are included in the goal process and which fields are required. You can set fields as read-only if necessary. You can also customize and localize the names of each field to suit your company's needs. For example, if you rename Goal to Objective, the word Objective will appear in place of Goal everywhere in the Goals module. See Goals Configuration - Fields Administration.

Status Administration

Customize four different goal statuses that will be used throughout goals. You can set the status name and color that will appear as well as the criteria that determines the status of a goal. See Goals Configuration - Status Administration.

Success Descriptors

Define success in relation to a goal. See Goals Configuration - Success Descriptors.

Goal Creation Administration

Set the instructions that will appear to users for each of the three sections of the goal creation process. See Goals Configuration - Goal Creation Administration.