Skills Profile - View Skill Details

The Skills Details flyout shows the skill ID, name, description, and proficiency rating. If the user's proficiency level has not been rated for the skill, then the user has the option to rate their proficiency level for the skill.

To view the Skill Details for a skill, navigate to the Skills Profile page. Then, select the skill name of a skill in your profile. See Skills Profile.

Rate My Proficiency

If a rating template is active with the feature connector "Rating Card" selected, a Rate My Proficiency button is available, allowing the user to launch a self-rating on proficiency. See Capability Rating Templates (Early Adopter) - Edit - Feature Connectors.

Select this button to rate your proficiency level for the skill. See Skills Profile - Rate Skill Level.


If you have a rating for the skill, then a Ratings chart is available in the flyout. This chart displays any ratings that you have provided and any other ratings that are visible to you. The proficiency levels are configurable by the system administrator.